The Inspiring Lancashire Programme

Over the last two years CREATE Education have worked in partnership with BAE Systems to create and deliver the Inspiring Lancashire Programme, which has impacted over 8,000 pupils in Lancashire, offering the chance to develop Additive Manufacturing skills that are key to high level STEM jobs of the future. 

With the sponsorship of BAE Systems, we have worked with 52 secondary and 100 primary schools. The programme has been designed to introduce 3D printing technologies, enhance the digital skills of young people across Lancashire and to inspire young people about digital and tech careers, helping to build Lancashire’s future digital workforce through the provision of 3D technologies, workshops and training.


Impact Year 1

The impact that the Inspiring Lancashire Programme has had on young people has been phenomenal. In Year 1 we worked with 52 secondary schools and trained 155 teachers.  2,300 students directly impacted and 100% of teachers participating said the learners had made a connection to how the school workshops could impact future life chances.

To find more statistics on the Year 1 Impact of the Inspiring Lancashire Programme, head to our report: BAE Funded Inspiring Lancashire Programme Year 1 Impact | CREATE Education Project

The direct impact on students’ learning and teachers’ curriculum has changed how they think about projects and 3D printing in their lessons, as well as the students’ future careers, with more engagement and commitment to design and technology lessons and beyond.

Year 2: Inspiring Lancashire Secondary Schools

In the academic year of 2023/2024, we continued working with the same 52 Secondary Schools to ensure we are providing long-term support and help to make an ongoing change. 

Alongside the UltiMaker 3D printer which was provided to all Secondary Schools in Year 1, we have provided them with a 3D scanner from Shining 3D and a Mayku FormBox to help schools develop an Additive Manufacturing ecosystem.With new technology, we have provided more teacher training and we have continued to deliver student workshops to new cohorts of up to 60 Year 8 and 9 students.These workshops have included a careers element within them, utilising videos of BAE Systems Apprentices to help inspire a passion for STEM careers.

Year 2: Inspiring Lancashire Primary Schools

With BAE System’s generous investment, in Year 2 we have further been able to extend the Inspiring Lancashire Programme into Primary Schools, showing BAE Systems commitment  to bring manufacturing and engineering skills as far down the education system as possible, creating a pipeline of talent for the future. 

We wanted to help the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, so we asked each of the participating Secondary Schools to identify several of its feeder Primary Schools, for which we reached out to them and invited them to be part of this new element of the programme.

We’ve been able to provide Primary Schools with: 

  • Loan of a 3D Printer for half a term;
  • Teacher training;
  • Resources and ready made lesson plans.

Karl Chambers, Yr3 Teacher, Sudell Primary School said:

It’s the best thing to happen to my teaching career, it is such a good project. It has been revolutionary, it was amazing for me and my pupils. Having the 3D printer raised the engagement of all pupils. They couldn’t wait for our DT lessons or computing sessions to use Tinkercad and to see their creations come alive.

Inspiring Lancashire Celebration Event 2024

What was the 2024 Challenge project? 

At the end of the year, we set Secondary Schools a Challenge Project, allowing them to showcase their Additive Manufacturing and CAD skills. The challenge project is set to an industry standard brief and gives students the opportunity to work on a real-to-life project. 

The brief they were set was: 

Design a prototype product (or a part for a product) that will either:

  • help in one small way to improve the environment in or around a local waterway (river, canal, lake or sea)


  • improve the habitat for one or more species of local wildlife.

Steps to Success

  1. Students should complete the challenge project booklet. This will guide them through the stages of developing their prototype.
  1. Students should create a 3D CAD model of their design (using Onshape OR other 3D modelling software) then make a physical prototype model of their device, product or part using 3D printing.
  1. Students should design a presentation (using media of their choice e.g. video, presentation slides, booklet or posters) that explains the problem they are trying to solve and how their device will help to solve the problem.

This year we had 79 entries into the Challenge Project! It was great to see all the different teams of students and their creative designs that showed their knowledge from the programme. The standard of the students’ projects were unbelievable and, in our eyes, every student is a winner and should be very proud! Howether as it’s a competition one team had to be picked as our winner!

The Inspiring Lancashire Celebration Day

On 26th April 2024, CREATE Education and BAE Systems held the Inspiring Lancashire Celebration Event at the ASK (Academy for Skills and Knowledge) Centre in Salemsbury, celebrating the Challenge Project finalists and their achievements.

The day started with a tour around the ASK facility, giving the students a chance to see behind the scenes of BAE Systems and their use of technology. They were taken on the tour by BAE Systems team of Ambassadors, allowing them to ask about future careers. 

After the tour, students gathered to present their Challenge Projects to a packed audience,  

showing off their designs and 3D printed models! The students did a tremendous job, presenting their creations and we were proud of their confidence to articulate their ideas. 

Once each of the schools had presented, we moved to our awards. Here is who won what: 

  • Gold Award – Shuttleworth College
  • Silver Award – Broughton High School
  • Bronze Award – Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Congratulations to all of the students and teachers who have worked so hard on the Challenge Project in 2024. We can’t wait to see your 2025 iterations! 

The Celebration Event is always a pleasure to host, and, James Bajcer, Head of Business Development at CREATE Education, who lead the day, said of it:

Collaborating and working in partnership is massively important and it’s amazing when you have organisations who come together and share the same vision in wanting to make a positive difference to young people through STEAM and digital activity. So, a huge thank you to all the participating schools, teachers for their commitment to the programme and to BAE Systems who have kindly supported this programme, without it, none of this would have been possible.

A spokesperson from BAE Systems added:

CREATE Education and BAE System have a joint belief and purpose – to guarantee that Lancashire, and the UK, has a strong digital and technological workforce in future generations, they must be enthused about their future career prospects and have the skills ready to meet this demand. The students involved in the Inspiring Lancashire Programme tick this box and more. The Celebration Event demonstrated their passion for learning and 3D printing in particular and we will no doubt see some of these students as future engineers in years to come.