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  • Inspiring Lancashire Programme - Year 1 Impact Report (pdf-file)

The Inspiring Lancashire Programme is a collaboration between BAE Systems, CREATE Education and the Lancashire LEP, which has been funded by BAE Systems. The programme is designed to introduce 3D printing technologies, enhance the digital skills of young people across Lancashire and to inspire young people about digital and tech careers to help build Lancashire’s future digital workforce.

Impact report front cover

In Year 1 of the programme CREATE Education provided:

  • 3D printers, software and materials to schools.
  • Software, hardware and curriculum training for teachers.
  • School 3D printing, digital skills and careers workshop days for students.
  • A design challenge project for students to engage and consolidate the knowledge and digital skills gained from participating in the programme.
  • Projects, resources and a 3D Printing Excellence Framework to assess and measure the impact of the programme with schools and students.

During Year 1 the following methods were used to collect evidence to effectively measure the impact of the programme:

  • Monitoring the number of teachers and students engaged in each programme element.
  • School self-assessment using the 3D Printing Excellence Framework.
  • Teacher surveys completed at the end of the training and again at the end of the programme.
  • Student surveys completed after the workshop and again at the end of the programme.
  • Teacher and student interviews with a sample from 3 participating schools.
  • The Challenge Project – participant submissions and feedback from students and teachers.

This impact report summarises all of the adoption and impact measurement data and highlights the success of the programme in Year 1. It shows how effective investment in 3D printing digital skills careers outreach programmes can positively impact upon many students, teachers and schools.

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