Earlier this year as part of the BAE Systems Sponsored #InspiringLancashire Project, 3D Printing STEM workshop days were delivered to groups of Year 8 students in 52 schools in Lancashire.

During the workshops students learned how to use 3D modelling and Slicing software and Ultimaker 3D printers to design, slice and 3D print model rocket parts. The workshops also introduced students to the applications of additive manufacturing technology in industry and engineering as well as potential careers the requirement for digital skills.

This term schools have been developing their skills and working on a “Challenge Project” where teams of students are given a brief to develop their skills further by designing a 3D printed prototype product to improve the environment in or around a local waterway.

In this video case study we revisit St. Augustine’s RC High School in Billington, Lancashire to chat with students from their popular 3D printing STEM club to see how they are embracing 3D printing and using it in their projects, what they have learned and their reflections on their experiences in taking part in the #InspiringLancashire programme.

See the student interviews in full below.

What the students said

What skills have you learned from taking part in the project?

  • “Working in a team, normally I work on my own trying to figure things out. With the help of a team its easier and quicker.”
  • “I’ve learnt how to 3D print from scratch, how to use the software and how to use the 3D printer.”
  • “Working together doing one big project and having the support from everyone else, them helping us, us helping them and i’ve developed leadership as i’ve been leading my team.”
  • “It has to be Onshape and the 3d modelling of everything.”
  • “Teamwork and communication skills.”

Would you like to do more of this kind of work at GCSE, in future projects or in the future?

  • “I find it really fun, I enjoy doing it, I enjoy the teamwork and in the future engineering is one of the most highly in demand careers you can be in.”
  • “I’d love to do more of this work at GCSE because I find it such a fun and creative way to spend my time and some of the concepts and ideas you can come up with is truly unbelievable.”
  • “I want to do it at GCSE because i’ve heard that a lot of people that have a lot of money all started from engineering and I want to be like Bill Gates or someone like that.”
  • “I’m helping two local engineering companies that have merged by designing a 3D printed logo that will go on the wall in their main reception area”.
  • “I see my future as this as i’ve always wanted to be a scientist but by favourite subject is DT and Engineering and I see my future as being part of BAE systems and i’ve always wanted to make a robot out of 3D printing as i’d like a challenge to get my brain thinking of how to solve problems.”
  • “I would love to do this as I find it really fun and challenging.”
  • “I would want to in the future be part of BAE systems and design an airplane part.”

What would you say to Year 7 about your experience?

  • “I would say boy or girl come and do it because it will get you a brilliant career.”
  • “I would say do it because it’s fun and the most important thing is to be happy and if you do this it will make you really happy.”
  • “I would say get hooked onto it as fast as possible because the amount of opportunities and adventures you can branch of from this is almost limitless in this modern age.”
  • “it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are it means everything to someone if you really want to do it.”

CREATE Education would like to thank Neil Hodgson and the students at St. Augustine’s for taking the time to share their experiences with us.

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