James Walsh is in his final year at Central St Martins in London.
As part of his BA Fashion womenswear final collection, James planned to create up to 6 full-scale 3D printed dresses. He is looking at the technical aspects of Polly Pocket dolls, and how the plastic garments are split in half, and formed around the dolls magnetically.

Taking design and finish inspiration from porcelain and ceramic figures, notably those produced by Goldscheider, James uses 2D fabric patterns on CLO, to allow him to fit and scale the pieces perfectly to models, and then is able to add thickness and take a mesh from this.

The images below are of James’s initial prototypes, created using the Ultimaker S5. The first image is of a small version very similar to final one currently being made, with possible colour/ gloss finish.

The software used allows him to simulate wind and pressure, so that the garments are able to be held in positions that fabric is unable to achieve.
The finished pieces are to be finished to an extremely high standard, so that they ultimately resemble painted porcelain.
James will achieve this by priming, hand painting and glossing the pieces.

The above image is the back fully assembled and ready for a little bit of sanding and priming to smooth out.
James says: “It’s been a long process, but all parts are printed for full scale model, now just a case of piecing together and finishing well.”
James handed the first part of his final year project in at the end of November.

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