Join us at the Bett Show & Awards 2018: how 3D printing in education today can transform business tomorrow

As Luke Johnson, Chairman of Risk Capital Partners, wrote in a letter to the Financial Times back in 2014, citing the long list of inventors – Blaise Pascal, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Braille, Marconi and Edison – who had key breakthroughs or insights at a young age: “[Sic] Jonathan Swift, “invention is the talent of youth, as judgment is of age”. But even if I can’t be an inventor, I can perhaps encourage others to start inventing early. And a device that is built for such activity is the 3D printer.”

In the last four years, the application of the technology within education has certainly progressed and here at CREATE Education we look forward to showcasing some of these examples at the BETT Show, 24th– 27th January 2018.

As an initiative designed to bring together game changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds, the CREATE Education Project harnesses the six core values of ‘Community’, ‘Reliability & Support’, ‘Education’, ‘Access’, ‘Teachability’, and ‘Economics’ to share and improve access to education. Since its foundation in [date], our collaborative platform has provided FREE resources and support to help educators introduce and embed 3D Printing technology in the classroom.

At this year’s BETT Show, we are therefore proud to display projects from our pioneering education community, including Brookmead Primary School who will be showcasing their obstacle course / outdoor play space designs, and humanitarian shelter connectors designed by students at Newport High School.

In addition, we will be joined by Professor Matteo Borrini who joins us on 25th January to demonstrate his facial reconstruction model and Skeleton2Go prints. As a Principal Lecturer and Forensic Anthropology Masters Programme Leader at Liverpool John Moores University, Prof. Borrini uses 3D technology to create 3D printed replicas of human bones as supporting tools for education, benefiting the students’ learning process.

From primary to secondary and tertiary education, it’s increasingly clear that 3D printing has become an essential addition to the classroom, providing a whole new dimension to how students learn. Moreover, the technology has the potential to unlock innovation and collaboration in tomorrow’s workforce as we collectively look to embrace new digital ways of working.

It is therefore with an element of pride and a great deal of excitement that we announce the shortlisting of the CREATE Education Project in the highly acclaimed BETT Awards 2018. Joining a diverse collection of educational services across the UK, CREATE Education is a finalist in the ‘Free Digital Content or Open Educational Resources’ category, which recognises companies that seek to provide educators with information, ideas and inspiration that are fundamental to the learning process.

Assessed on cost-effectiveness, accessibility and supporting learning beyond the classroom, each entry will be judged by a panel of experienced teachers, education consultants and high profile ICT journalists. Renowned for their knowledge of ICT educational resources, the bank of judges will come together to decide on a winner, which will be announced on the evening of the 24th January.

Along with our 3D printing technology partner, Ultimaker, we are looking forward to meeting everyone at BETT, and to sharing some of our great projects and community success stories with you. Contact / 01257 276 116 for more information and to book a demonstration of our 3D printing capabilities at the event.

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