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Keep Me Warm At Night

Over the past few months I have been working on a project entitled Dead Cat Bounce* which looks at how artistic practices can encourage economic awareness. The project has lead to a number of different works including publications and installations which all explore interactions of power.

Keep Me Warm at Night is a piece created entirely using 3D printing processes. When considering mediums and methods of production for the project, 3D printing seemed an appropriate choice given the open source and democratic ethos of the 3D printing movement, and experimenting with modes of home production is something that is consistent throughout my art practice.

The piece is an accompaniment to a large immersive installation that takes the name of the title of the project, Dead Cat Bounce, which is made from flexible high gloss PVC and forms swooping canopies around the room. The installation highlights the interconnected nature of power elites and features floppy disk, bomb, tie and padlock motifs which are represented in Keep Me Warm at Night as the negative space outlines. The final work, which took the form of a pseudo wall-hanging, and created a blanket-come-chain mail aesthetic continued to examine the themes of the main installation, looking at the links between bureaucratic decision making and economic consequences.

Strips of plastic in an art installation 3D printed
Dead Cat Bounce

The entire ‘blanket’ consisted of 384 shapes and 768 rings so I set Ultimaker to its maximum layer height (0.25mm) and upped the print speed to 100 to produce the work as quickly as possible without jeopardising quality. With these settings I could print about 4 shapes every 20 minutes and 16 shapes every 23 minutes, and the cumulative total print time was approximately 45 hours.

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Keep Me Warm At Night (Detail)

Keep Me Warm At Night
Tech Specs

Layer height: 0.25mm
Shell Thickness: 0.8mm
Fill Density: 40%
Print Speed: 100

Alice Woods / www.alicewoods.co.uk / alicejanewoods.wordpress.com

Image Credit: Paul Clarke

Keep Me Warm At Night will be on display at the Central Saint Martins XD/3D open studio event on December 5th 2014. More info & RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/jenga-3dxd-open-studio-tickets-14603151419 

*In finance, a dead cat bounce is a small, temporary recovery in the price of a declining stock.

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