Prior to the delivery of the printer, we engaged a number of the pupils in a range of cross-curricular activities including online investigations and writing lessons aimed at creating project reports and request letters for the printer. During the course of term 2 a number of classes looked at and discussed ideas for using the 3D Printer.


The pupils in Primary 6 identified a potential Enterprise activity they wished to engage with. The pupils used the website Youmagine, a model repository to identify a number of objects that were attempted in the printer.


A spreadsheet was kept to identify the success rate of printing a range of these models. Eventually, the pupils were able to identify a 3-D model of a snowflake that had a reliable rate of successful printing. The pupils were responsible for overseeing the production of a number of these snowflakes.


Once these had been created the pupils were able to paint and decorate these and then combine them with other materials to make Winter Jewellery. These items were advertised and sold at the School’s Christmas Fayre and were a great success. In the end, almost every single item was sold and the pupils managed to raise a total of £120 which was used to purchase items for the classroom.



Through the use of the Ultimaker pupils gained a much greater understanding of manufacturing processes and of supply and demand. They became aware of manufacturing costs and the issues surrounding quality control and production times.


The pupils engaged in many quality conversations regarding the issues that arose and it has become a discussion point regarding possible investment by the school in the future of a 3D Printer. 


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