During the 2018 Summer Holidays, CREATE Education partnered with Lancashire Libraries to offer children the opportunity to experience 3D printing. A series of six 3D printing workshops were delivered free of charge to the general public. These took place at libraries across the county as part of the Lancashire Library “SCART Club” summer reading program.

SCART Club stands for Science, Culture, Active, Reading and Technology. 11 new characters were created as members of the club; 10 boys and girls and the club’s mascot Scart Squirrel.  Children aged 5-12 years old were invited to come and discover these new characters by taking on the challenge at their local library. This summer the challenge was to collect all 5 SCART themes.  Each theme had tasks set by the club members. Alongside the SCART tasks extra events and workshops were provided including the 3D printing workshops.

The three hour 3D printing workshops each accommodated up to 20 children and their parents/carers. In these workshops the children were given the opportunity to participate in a practical 3D printing session. They also experienced a number of 3D craft based activities.

In the 3D printing session, children were treated to an introductory presentation outlining some of the uses of 3D printing along with a demonstration of the 3D printer. Next they designed their own personalised bookmark in 2D using Microsoft Paint software. Their designs were converted to a 3D model and then 3D printed. The children were fascinated to see their own designs come to life as the 3D printer printed them. At the end of the session all the children were able to take their own personalised bookmark home with them.

Alongside the 3D printing, children were provided with craft activities to try whilst waiting for their bookmarks to 3D print.

Some children came up with designs for 3D printed objects that would solve problems. Others coloured, cut and assembled 3D shapes from cardboard nets.

Finally the children were invited to take part in the CREATE Education #SAVETHE3DBEES summer challenge. In this junk modelling activity, children were given a selection of recyclable packaging materials, scissors, glue and tape. Using these materials, children were challenged to design a “thing” to help save the bees. A wonderful collection of bee houses and feeding devices were designed with the junk. These ideas could be entered into the #SAVETHE3DBEES competition with a chance to win an Ultimaker Original 3D printer. You can view the winning idea and some of the other great entries in our winners blog.

CREATE Education thoroughly enjoyed delivering the library workshops and were delighted with the positive response from the children, parents, carers and library employees. Here is just some of the positive feedback we received.

“Fantastic, kids (aged 5 & 8) loved it. Highly recommended!”

“Fantastic workshop – passing info onto school”


In The Classroom

The bookmark project is a quick and easy project that can be used to introduce students to 3D printing. This works particularly well with younger pupils who may not be ready to progress onto 3D modelling. You can download the bookmark project resources here.

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