Year 4 and Year 6 pupils at Hope Hamilton Primary School have recently been using 3D printing in Design and Technology using the CREATE Education 3D printer loan scheme. Prior to receiving the 3D printer loan, D&T Lead Vanisha Chauhan participated in a full day training and in this blog she shares the schools experience.

Over the loan scheme, we completed 2 projects with all of Year 4 and a select number of pupils in Year 6. Owing to the fact that I was very new to using 3D printers. I opted to use the things that I had practiced on the training course. Therefore with Year 4, we designed bookmarks that were personal to them and in Year 6, we used the CREATE videos which showed how to make a phone stand. After completing a project now, I do feel much more comfortable with designing my own project.

I was able to use more trial and error with the Year 4s as we did print one of their early designs which had very small font as this showed this what they needed to change with their initial designs.

Screenshot of a 3D designed and 3D printed bookmark the bookmark is silver and says Adam on it

With the year sixes, I was limited to 5 university afternoons. These are afternoons where the children learn a new skill. While the children really took on instructions well, now that I have had a go at using all of the systems and feel much more confident. I would like to them to carry out their own independent design. Through using Tinkercad, the children have definitely become more engaged with 3D printing and some of them have even carried on designing at home using their logins.

Screen shot of a powerpoint slide that says year 6 Tinkercad design and phone stand it has the images of a dinosaur phone stand on it

As somebody who felt that they were quite IT literate. I did welcome the opportunity to be able to learn a new skills. I can say that at the beginning I did find it quite hard to understand all the different logistics involved with completing a design but after a lot of practicing on Tinkercad and the CURA software. I do feel much more confident.

As D&T lead for our school, I would really like to see how we could start to link computing and D&T together, especially for those older children are expected to start using computer programs in their design process.

A screen shot of a powerpoint slide which has 3 3d printed images, one of a structure, one of an elvis and one of an alien. The text says year 6 tinkercad independent design

CREATE Education would like to thank Vanisha Chauhan for sharing their experiences of learning 3D printing.