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Adesuwa Garrick is an MSc student studying Digital industrialisation at Manchester Metropolitan University based at CREATE Education Hub PrintCity alongside CREATE Ambassador and course tutor Ed Keefe.

PrintCity is a 3D additive and digital manufacturing centre based in Manchester, a city with a rich industrial legacy and one of the UK’s biggest technology hubs. They are home to manufacturing experts, designers, engineers and students on our MSc Industrial Digitalisation course who collaborate with businesses, big or small, to make even the most ambitious ideas a reality.

Adesuwa has used her creativity and expertise in 3D printing technology to develop and produce products for her fledgling company “Life of a Doc’preneur“. In this guest blog, Adesuwa showcases her Life of a Doc’preneur products and explains why she has used 3D printing for product development and production.

I am a surgeon working for our faithful NHS in the UK. My job is my first love. However, I decided to learn something new in 2019, that has led me to develop a different passion in life. My only ‘love’, presently is 3D printing (additive manufacturing). This may change but I seriously doubt that.

I decided to get my mind of work when not physically in work. I took up an MSc in Digital industrialisation at MMU. I have a passion for design, innovation, and its use in assisting people in their day to day lives. My background in healthcare, specifically in eye care has helped me to understand the pressures that people experience every day just doing basic things.

So I design and build products to make life easier. My very first design was a project I submitted for an end of semester assessment, what I now call the cosmetic cradle. It is a product used to organise cosmetics in a visible form to enable ladies locate that favourite cosmetic on a busy day instead of rummaging through a cosmetic bag.

Other designs include a wristwatch cradle, jewellery cradle and a plain multifunctional box.

3d, printing, product, development, 3d design
3d, printing, product, development, 3d design

I purchased an Ultimaker S5 during the pandemic. University was closed and I missed the hands-on experience we had with all the 3D printers. I am a medic and work for the NHS and this is the main reason I chose the Ultimaker S5 as I could use it straight out of the box with little fuss. The flat pack 3D printers are more for the engineers. I use the Ultimaker S5 for every single print I do and it has not disappointed me yet.

3d, printing, product, development, 3d design
3d, printing, product, development, 3d design
3d, printing, product, development, 3d design

My Life of a Doc’preneur business involves using 3D printing technology to bring my designs to life. My designs are produced using Autodesk Fusion 360 3D modelling software, then sliced in Ultimaker Cura before 3D printing on the Ultimaker S5.

My current products are multifunctional and include the cosmetics, watch and jewellery cradles, inserts for the cradles and a range of anime character multifunctional storage boxes.

The business is in its early days, but I want to make people aware that with 3D printing technology you can think of a product or design and bring it to life within 24 hours. We don’t need to outsource this to other countries, sustainability is critical to the ethos of the business so all my materials are sourced in the UK. The other advantage of using 3D printing as a production process is that my products are made to order and can be personalised with names, quotes, and messages adding to the appeal of the products.

3d, printing, product, development, 3d design

I recently decided to show my products at the Black owned business exhibition (BOBExpo) as I wanted to gauge public opinion about my products and if prices of my products were reasonable.

It turned out to be enlightening for children and adults alike as not many people had seen a 3D printer before. Also the anime cases were popular with the kids and teenagers.

Attending the expo was not about the sales but I was pleased to get a few orders so my Ultimaker S5 is busy at the moment.

CREATE Education would like to thank Adesuwa for sharing her story and product design examples with us.

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