Make Your Future is a hands-on programme developed by the Crafts Council that connects traditional craft with digital technologies. The project brings together Higher Education Institutions, cultural partners, secondary schools, and makers to reignite a passion for making in schools and tackle some of the challenges faced by craft education.

Ceramics artwork from Queens Park School and maker Jo Veevers
Ceramics making session at Dormer Wells in London

The project is shining a light on craft as a cross-curricular bridge which draws together science, technology, and creative subjects. In Year 1, Birmingham schools have worked with Birmingham City University’s world-class School of Jewellery to explore techniques ranging from saw piercing to electro-etching and 3D printing. A focus on Yorkshire’s rich textiles heritage has seen schools paired with Leeds University and Leeds College of Art experimenting with techniques including hand-dyeing, screen printing, and CAD. At Central St Martin’s, West London schools have developed new ceramics techniques ranging from hand-building and glazing to innovative digital processes.

In all regions, professional makers have been recruited to work alongside teachers to deliver cutting-edge workshops in schools. Makers have carried out audits of school equipment and supported teachers to put under-used resources to work and offer students new experiences of making. In London, we’re offering schools the chance to accredit students work with Arts Award.

CPD at Central Saint Martins
CPD session at Birmingham School of Jewellery

Project Aims

  1. Support teachers to become cross-curricular leaders in craft by providing specialist training, equipment, and materials
  2. Draw Higher Education Institutes, schools, and makers into sustainable local and regional networks to support peer-to- peer learning
  3. Provide teachers and pupils with the experience of working alongside makers and knowledge of careers in the creative industries and craft sectors
  4. Enable schools to make best use of their technical making facilities through replacement, repair or acquisition of specialist equipment
CPD at Birmingham School of Jewellery
Free CPD resources for 3D printing

Feedback from teachers, students and makers on the 2016-2017 Programme

“We are learning to mature and are learning to work more like adults. We do not normally work like this in lessons but the way that we had to develop new skills and negotiate to make decisions made us realise that we are working in the way adults normally do.”
Komalpreet – student

“I think I can speak for my colleagues also when I say how enjoyable we have found the whole experience. We have learned so much, developed our knowledge and revisited areas that we haven’t used for such a long time. I’ve been teaching for 14 years and this is the first set of CPD sessions where we have been able to play, experiment and learn practical skills.”
Lisa – teacher

“The Make Your Future; Crafts Council project has been a wonderful experience at our school.  Theresa has been so inspirational… we will be able to embed the new ways of working into our art curriculum.  Building new skills as well as contact with someone who makes a real living from art bring students huge benefits.”
Sandra – teacher

“About 40 fantastic big pots and tiles are drying to be fired, and decorated when we go back next week. We had a really good day – fantastic and talented kids, a credit to the school! Everyone worked really hard and pushed themselves to do great work. Looking forward to the second day with them.”
Sarah – maker

Screen printing at Corpus Christi, Leeds with Harriet Lawton
CPD session at Central Saint Martins

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank The Crafts Council for sharing the details of this wonderful project with us. We will support schools taking part in Yr2 of the project by offering them the opportunity to borrow a 3D printer for use as part of their projects to further integrate digital technologies into the crafts process. Students for example could design and 3D print bespoke templates and moulds for use when producing or decorating their designs.

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