Marymount London is an independent, IB Catholic day and boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18. Over the past two years, Marymount has focused on developing its Middle Years STEAM curriculum and looked at innovative ways to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

One initiative, which has been an absolute hit across Grades 6 – 8, is the Marymount Middle School STEAM Day. Held at the end of each semester, this event was created to give students an opportunity to connect their in-class learning to real life experiences via a series of fun and engaging activities.

After a semester of studying the Human Body, thirty-six Grade 7 students explored the topic of “Rehabilitation in Medicine”.

The day began with an engaging virtual talk from Sonya Horton, an Educational Content Producer from CREATE Education, who spoke about careers in STEAM and the applications of 3D printing in the medical field.

The girls then broke off into groups where they designed, created and tested a prosthetic arm. With a wide range of resources available, many students tested out the Ultimaker 3D printer to create joints for fingers and support structures for the wrist.

The students’ responses were overwhelmingly positive. Regardless of their level of STEAM expertise, these budding scientists loved being able to put their knowledge into action through meaningful hands-on experiments!

CREATE Education would like to thank Brianna Pickstone, STEAM Co-ordinator at Marymount London for sharing the details of their innovative STEAM day with us.

In The Classroom

If you would like to run a similar activity as part of a STEAM day or project, the following resources are all based around medical applications of 3D printing:

Cranial Implant Project

Helping Hands Making Hands Project

The Power of Prosthetics Project

Exploration and Development of Prosthetics Project


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