Whilst Inspiring Minds at TCT 2019, the CREATE Education team met up one of Ultimaker’s new employees, Andras Till.

Andras’ introduction to the world of 3D printing began when he studied BSc Aerospace Engineering at the University of Leicester. During his time at University, Andras was a Drivetrain Manager for UoL Racing in 2016, where teams of students designed and built electric race cars to be raced at an IMechE Formula Students competition at Silverstone.

Want to know the story about when The CREATE Education Project sponsored Andras’ team by donating an Ultimaker Original, and how this inspired his career?

Find out by listening below.

A few words from Michelle:

“This is the ultimate dream for CREATE Education. CREATE is an acronym:  Community Reliability Education Access Teachability Economics.

Andras’ story brings all of this together, meeting and hearing his story was a really pivotal moment for me and the team.

He was and still is part of our COMMUNITY, invested his passion in Ultimaker due to the RELIABILITY of the machines, was initially introduced while in EDUCATION when given ACCESS CREATE Education for use in TEACHing and ultimately all of this was made possible by our commitment to making this AFFORDABLE via our FREE loan scheme. 

We wish Andras every success in his chosen career and will look forward to following his journey.  I hope his story inspires more young people to strive to achieve their dreams.”

To find out more about our FREE Loan Scheme, click here.

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