We recently announced the winner of our An Duong designed Rolls-Royce 3D printed mini jet engine model and last week I got to meet Steve.

It was great to meet a very happy Steve face to face to present him with his prize and have a chat about his 3D printing story and what inspired him to enter the competition.

Steve’s 3D printing story

I really got into 3D printing around 4 or 5 years ago, I’ve always been into computing, electronics and making things, and when I saw 3D printers I was fascinated, my partner got me a Printrbot 1405 and was hooked from then!

I have since built a custom Prusa P3Steel 3D printer and documented the whole build as a blog (www.chunkymedia.co.uk). I think I prefer building 3D printer than using them!

I’m a full-time web developer and 3D print as a hobby but did some work for 3D Hubs developing prints for people alongside my own printing which has included a coliseum, a T-Rex and even a wand for one of my daughters to use as part of her costume for World Book Day! “Leviosa!”

What inspired you to enter our competition?

I spotted something on Instagram from CREATE Education about the Rolls-Royce competition and was intrigued and keen to find out more, I read round what An Duong had done and joined CREATE Connect to be part of the CREATE Education community and to enter the competition.

Putting the prize to good use

I was amazed and really pleased to find out that I’d won, I’m going to use my prize as a background prop within my videos and as a discussion piece, to provide inspiration both to myself and others.

Who wouldn’t want a mini jet engine to show off to all who can see it – it’s amazing! It will take pride of place in my makerspace.

Plus, I develop YouTube podcasts as part of the Makercast community of makers and am hoping to discuss the jet engine on the next monthly one.

It was a pleasure to meet Steve and we’re pleased that the prize will be put to good use and to inspire others!

Find out more about Steve’s You Tube channel and Makercast here: https://www.youtube.com/user/chunkysteveoludders

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