Meltio delivers metal additive manufacturing solutions, M450 and Engine, based on a new disruptive technology named Laser Metal Deposition – Wire Powder (LMD-WP).

LMD refers to a welding process where a material is introduced into a melt pool, created by a high-power laser. LMD falls into the range of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes. Typically, the filler material introduced is a powder and is injected through a conical ring nozzle around the laser beam. The added material creates a weld bead which then coats the underlying metal. Compared to other types of welding, LMD results in a smaller heat-affected zone, lower dilution, and lower residual stresses in the components.

Patented multi-mode laser head

Powder deposition

Wire deposition

The available high laser power, multiple wire feeders, and hot wire-feed options provide high material deposition rates while retaining the precision and resolution of a laser process. The technology can also perform other functions such as metal coating, texturing, polishing, and cutting, without requiring external equipment.

What makes Meltio’s LMD so Distinctive?

Read our full PDF report and learn how Meltio’s LMD compares with other additive manufacturing technologies. Download the Advantages of Meltio’s LMD Technology paper now!

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