Meltio delivers metal additive manufacturing solutions, M450 and Engine, based on a new disruptive technology named Laser Metal Deposition – Wire Powder (LMD-WP).

Meltio’s LMD-WP process uses multiple fibre-coupled diode laser sources that are distributed evenly around the central axis of the head.

Meltio’s patented laser head leverages the advantages of both wire DED and powder DED within a single machine. The technology’s high laser power, multiple wire feeders, and hot wire feed options facilitate high material deposition rates while retaining the precision and resolution of a laser process. Other functions, such as metal coating, texturing, polishing, and cutting, can also be carried out without external equipment.

Patented multi-mode laser head

But, why use wire and powder simultaneously?

Powder and wire can be used at the same time to fabricate Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs), a class of materials in which one or more materials are added to metal to achieve specific property enhancements. Traditionally, MMCs are manufactured through powder metallurgy; however, this process can be expensive and time-consuming.

To bypass this, MMCs can be constructed through Meltio’s LMD-WP process at a lower cost and with shorter lead times. Meltio’s approach will also enhance the mechanical properties of the MMCs, Dr Yash Bandari, product manager in Meltio’s Additive Manufacturing Group said:

One example of where the process has been effective in this way is the addition of Titanium Carbide (TiC) as an alloying element in the form of powder to a melt pool of Ti64. This titanium alloy is well-known for its low density, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Through the LMD-WP process, the addition of TiC significantly improves the wear resistance of Ti64, which subsequently becomes an MMC.”

Any material available in the form of a welding wire or powder can be used with Meltio’s LMD-WP technology. End products have subsequently been used within the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical and education/research sectors for various applications.

Read our PDF guide and learn how Meltio’s LMD-WP enables advanced manufacturing of metals. Download the Meltio Material Guide now!

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