In October 2020, CREATE Education installed the UK’s first Meltio M450 at Lancaster University. In this video blog, we talk to Armin Yousefi Kanani, GISMO Innovation Fellow from the Lancaster University Department of Engineering about the adoption of the Meltio M450.

Armin Yousefi Kanani is an innovation fellow at Lancaster University. His position involves working with companies to analyse industry problems, find solutions, and to develop smart materials that improve an existing product or process performance and/or enable the development of entirely new smart material components that make possible new processes or products.

Why the Meltio M450?

“Meltio is an affordable, high quality metal 3D printer with a great potential to produce low cost, multi-material parts” explains Armin.

“A hot research topic in academia is creating multi-material structures in order to produce lightweight structures. The Meltio M450 provides flexibility through it’s ability to 3D print with both metal powder and wire in the same machine to produce a multi-material structure.”

“Meltio allows us to print with either two wires or with wire and powder in the same machine which was not possible in the past. So far this has allowed us to develop new research proposals such as printing fast with wire and using fine powder to create a hard surface finish.”

Experience with the Meltio M450 so far

“Currently we are just printing in single wire while we await delivery of the laser head. We have printed manufacturers test prints and some simple geometries that will be used as test pieces for our research.”

“We have had many discussions with the team at CREATE Education and also the manufacturer’s support teams in  US and Spain to understand the capabilities of the printer as there are lots of academic opportunities so this will assist in putting together proposals for research papers.”

“The support I received from the teams at CREATE, in the US and Spain has been great so far,” said Armin.

Meltio at Lancaster University, UK, England

Research and Applications

The main use of the Meltio M450 will be for research and for use in two funded projects that provide support for businesses in the North West of England to develop products and services.

Initial research projects are “The design, manufacture and evaluation of novel, hybrid metalic structures” and “The design of novel alloys and microstructures for additive manufacturing”.

About the GISMO Project

GISMO (Greater Innovation for Smarter Materials Optimisation) is a £4.4M project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

It supports over 250 innovative SME’s in Cheshire and Warrington by providing cutting-edge ideas and solutions to put their business ahead of the curve in the use, design and manufacture of materials. SME’s can utilise the expertise and technology at Lancaster University to develop their capabilities in additive manufacturing and to:

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of products and processes.
  • Find new materials and formulations for products
  • Test and develop materials, ideas and products
  • Trial new technologies and processes
  • Develop and build prototypes
  • Understand developments in materials science


CREATE Education would like to thank Armin Yousefi Kanani for taking the time to talk to us about the use of the Meltio M450 at Lancaster University.

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