On 18th September 2019, students form two Salford Schools were invited to the Morson Makerspace at Salford University to celebrate their success in the Morson Futures Challenge. These students and others in their school, alongside seven other Salford Secondary schools had been taking part in a unique project in collaboration with the University of Salford Morson Makerspace and CREATE Education.

As part of the project, funded by the Morson Group, each school received a 3D printer, staff CPD and a workshop day for up to 60 Year 8 students. The aim of the project was to engage and inspire students into a career in Engineering through delivering high quality engineering experiences, a practical project for the students to participate in and information about engineering career opportunities.

During the school workshop day, students took part in the following activities:

  • An introduction to additive manufacturing session.
  • A practical CAD/CAM workshop where students learnt how to use 3D modelling and slicing software then designed, sliced and 3D printed an item.
  • A practical workshop introducing “The Morson Challenge”
  • A careers information session with engineering careers resources to take away.

Following the workshop, students worked in teams on completing the Morson Challenge.

The Morson Challenge 2019

The Finalists’ Projects

The celebration event was attended by finalists from two of the nine schools taking part in the program, a team from Primrose Hill Primary School and a team from All Hallows R.C. High School. Each team were invited to present their Morson Challenge projects at the event. At the end of the presentations, students and schools received certificates and 3D printed medals to recognise their success in the project.

Primrose Hill students developed a design for a Bullet Train that uses electromagnets to propel a train at high speed through a tube.

The All Hallows team developed the Medi Drone, a drone design that would be used for transporting and dropping medication to users in rural areas.

The individual projects and presentations will be showcased in more detail in our follow on blogs.

Primrose Hill Primary School finalists
Primrose Hill Bullet Train Model
All Hallows R.C. High School finalists
All Hallows Medi Drone Model

Following the presentations, the students had the opportunity to visit Salford Universities very own autonomous bus, followed by a fun session where they had the opportunity to participate in some drone racing.

On behalf of all the schools participating in the project, CREATE Education would like to thank the University of Salford and the Morson group for funding this amazing project which provides opportunities to engage students in engineering and inspire the engineers of the future.

We would also like to congratulate both teams of students, the creativity and the effort that went into their projects and presentations was fantastic and we were amazed by the outcomes, given that none of the students had any experience in 3D modelling or 3D printing prior to taking part in this project – Well done!

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