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CREATE Education is committed to give you the tools to become¬†educated and excel in the world of 3D Printing, so we wanted to tell you about the 3D modelling software and engineering company Altair who offer some fantastic opportunities for aspiring engineers.¬†They¬†offer students the opportunity to enrol on an¬†academic program to¬†learn their Hyperworks Software and become Altair University certified. The online course is open to students everywhere and have¬†free resources¬†to help learn about important basics in¬†“Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation”, “… Structural Optimization”, “… Multi-Body Simulation”, or “… Crash Simulation”.¬†Altair are driving innovation in 3D Printing by giving students access to their technology to promote grass roots education and¬†further knowledge in this exciting industry. Altair have some fantastic support for schools, colleges and universities¬†that¬†include workshops,¬†webinars¬†and much more.

The student version of HyperWorks is their commitment to enhancing students’ learning experience outside the classroom so that they can reinforce their engineering knowledge and classroom instruction. solidThinking Inspire offers an easy-to-use topology optimization and concept design environment while OptiStruct includes capabilities for more advanced modelling and optimization of lattice structures.

‚ÄúAltair are excited to see what aspiring engineers create and achieve when given the opportunity to use software technology that is driving innovation in the 3D Printing industry.‚Ä̬†Jacquelyn Quirk, Altair UK Academic Liaison

‚ÄúThe Altair University program is really a global community where students and teachers can share their stories and learn from each other. It is an inclusive support network where people of all ages, cultures, and industries can access materials and software to help them apply simulation in their curriculum and research.‚Ä̬†Matthias Goelke, Altair Director of Global Academic Business Development

Below is the first 3D Printed metal bike based on solidThinking Inspire results. Click here to see the video of¬†Renishaw’s Product Marketing Engineer David Ewing talking about the use of solidThinking Inspire for the first bike ever built with additive manufacturing.¬†

Get involved with Altair here.

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