Joe has been Teaching ICT and Computing since 2000. He has been to every hacker-space and geek-up in the North West. He said “making stuff is so rewarding. I want to show kids why it is better to create your own thing instead of just consuming someone’s else’s creation”. This is the winning proposal:

What’s the Plan?

The year 10 computer science GCSE class will use lunchtimes to create a Dab-Bot prototype. The class has 14 students and will be setup in 5 groups. They will be asked to do the following challenge between February and April 2017:

Decide and create a cardboard cut-out of any individual of their choosing (example below). Then use a microbit and servo motors to move the arms to mimic “dabbing” (the dance move meme).

The plan is to use the TLM Smart Product Design and Manufacture – Technical Award Level 1 or maybe even Level 2 as a framework for the proposed Ultimaker Education Challege.

There are 3 compulsory units making up the qualification:1 : Smart Product Design and visualisation 5 Credits (40 GLH) 2 : Smart Manufacture 5 Credits (40 GLH)3 : Smart Electronics 5 Credits (40 GLH)

However, because the project will be done during lunch-club the units involved will shortened in terms of GLH. (It’ll be a crash course).

The importance of Ultimaker’s 3D Printer in this project:

Unit 1 and 2 require students to design and print suitable parts for the arms. The parts will connect the servo motor to the arms in a way that will allow the arms to move correctly. I’m thinking small printed parts like the image below. Something that will get the Dab-Bot dancing.

In Summary:

Thornleigh Salesian College is a great school to work with. The year 10’s are a keen bunch of students who did very well in year 7 with the “apps for good” competition, but are now looking forward to showing off their abilities with Ultimaker.

I’m hoping using a meme like “dabbing” will encourage students to enjoy making this prototype. One things is for sure… It’ll look great in the school’s main reception.

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