CREATE Education have been supporting Loughborough University Motorsport since January 2016, throughout the season LUMotorsport has been using its Ultimaker Original across almost every aspect of the car, from producing prototypes exhaust manifolds for the team’s unique powertrain setup to aerodynamic components to keep the car glued to the race track.

Below are a selection of images detailing some of the parts created using the Ultimaker.

Triumph Daytona 675 exhaust manifold prototype. For this season LUMotorsport decided to take on an even greater challenge than usual, the team made the move to a powertrain that is unique in Formula Student. Because of this the team had to design custom parts to ensure that the performance targets could be met. The team’s Ultimaker was vital to this, it enable prototypes to be tried and fitted in a matter of hours without the expense of having to outsource the manufacture of complex parts.


Electronics brackets. In need of a strong, lightweight way to safely house the electronic brains of LFS16 the team had no hesitation in turning to their Ultimaker Original to produce these brackets

electronic bracket

Aerodynamic components The complex geometries of the aerodynamic components for LFS16 proved not to be an issue for the team’s Ultimaker. These parts help to keep the car pushed down into the track at high speeds, allowing the car to corner faster, improving our lap times.

Aerodynamic Component

Promotional Model Cars

LUMotorsport was overwhelmed by the demand for our little model cars at events in the UK, Italy and Austria, as a result the team’s Ultimaker was running near constantly to produce enough to meet the demand. Not only were members of the public, judges and other teams impressed with the little cars themselves but also with how they could see them being produced before their very eyes in the pit garage.

On the ultimaker
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