Catherine Junior School recently took advantage of the CREATE Education 3D Printer Loan Scheme to run a cross-curricular 3D Printing Project combining D&T, Computing and History with Year 5 students.

First students learned about 3D printing, how it works and what it is used for. Then they spent a few lessons learning how to use and developing their skills in the Tinkercad 3D modelling software by completing some of the built in tutorial projects in Tinkercad.

Then students were set a design task to put their new found skills to work. Linking with their History topic work on King Richard III, students were tasked with designing a 3D printed artefact linked to Richard III.

Here are some examples of the students’ designs.

3D Printed Richard 3rd Artefacts designed by Yr5 students
3D Printed Richard 3rd Artefacts designed by Yr5 students

Students really enjoyed the project with one student saying “Love it! Can we do more?”

We would like to thank the class teachers Peter Banham and Lucy Jones who have kindly shared their lesson planning and project resources with CREATE Education.