Quernmore Primary School, recently benefitted from the loan scheme provided by the CREATE Education Project. In October this year, they borrowed an Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer for a month to run a project. Class 4 designed and 3D printed leaves for their Autumn themed hall display. Mrs Hodgeson, the class teacher, and the students all provided some wonderful feedback about their experiences with the project and the 3D printer. Thank you Quernmore Primary School for sharing your feedback with the CREATE Community.

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

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“To be honest, when I first opened the box once it had been delivered to the school office I did wonder what I had let myself in for.  But, from the first phone call with the support technical team to printing our first 3D object, I was surprised at just how straight forward it all was!  We decided to incorporate the Ultimaker into our Autumn hall display and the children designed 2D drawings of some different leaf shapes.  We were amazed at how a quick 2D sketch could be transformed into a 3D object!”

“I quickly realised that good organisational skills were essential in order that all children created their 3D model.  We had quite a production line going on within the classroom as soon as one design finished, another needed to be set up.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to experience and explore the possibilities of the Ultimaker 3D printer!”

Mrs Hodgson (class teacher)

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

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Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

Ultimaker 2+ connect 3d printer

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

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Feedback from the pupils

When we got the 3D printer, I didn’t really know what it could do. Then, when the first leaf was printed, I wanted to keep it forever! It was a really good opportunity to have it – I loved it how you could watch the things being made!

The 3D printer was past my expectations. I loved it!

I think the 3D printer was amazing! It was so cool to watch as it 3D printed all the leaves we designed. If we could have it again, I would like to have it for longer so we could make more awesome 3D objects. I hope the other boys and girls who get it love it as much as I did!

I thought it was cool and the thought we could make all sorts was great! I also thought it was cool we could watch it.

I thought it was amazing! If we had one for a longer time, I would make a mushroom!

I thought the 3D printer was awesome when it came. I found it super fascinating to watch it making our leaves- I really loved mine! Overall I think it was good but I just wish it took less time to make.

I thought the 3D printer was really amazing because if you draw a picture but wanted it 3D then all you need to do is press a few buttons, wait a few hours or so and then you’ve got yourself your very own 3D object. Thank you for letting us borrow it! It was so satisfying. I also loved the smell- it was unusual but nice!

I loved the 3D printer- it was amazing to see the 2D pictures transform in to 3D! I loved the smell of it too, very creative!


I liked the smell when it was printing and I really liked getting to watch them start being printed and then coming back the next day and seeing the finished item. I loved it!

I really liked watching it make the leaves. It was interesting to see it remember what it was meant to do. I loved designing the leaves- amazing!

I think it is a brilliant idea, the opportunities are endless!  I loved the sound it made when it made our leaves. It was awesome!

I enjoyed having the 3D printer but I wish we could have had it for longer to make more things.  I would like to make little model animals.

I liked the sound of the 3D printer and I liked to watch it when I was sat next to it. I would like to make a lightning bolt with it.

I loved your 3D printer, thank you for lending it to us!

The 3D printer was amazing! I loved seeing the finished object and the lovely smell it made.

I want one!! If I had one, I would make a fingerboard.  It smelt weird in a fun way. It sounded cool too!

I think it was amazing, I would gladly take it home! It worked really well, I liked to watch it work.

I enjoyed watching it and if we could make more things I would design a picture of flowers. It was amazing!!

I think the 3D printer was very clever and we were very lucky to have it. It did take a bit long to print but overall I really liked it. I liked to be able to touch the 3D object once it was printed.

I really enjoyed the experience because it was fun to watch even though it took a while. I also enjoyed being able to design it, put it on a laptop and then onto the memory card.

I thought that it was amazing trying to do different DT objects and I wish I could keep it forever!

I really liked the 3D printer and I liked watching it but I wish we could have had more time to make more things!

I really enjoyed having the 3D printer in our classroom as it was really fun making and designing. I also liked how we went from idea to real-life object.

I like the printer because it smelt nice when the plastic came out it was very cool. It printed quickly for the size of it.

I really liked it because it made 3D things, it was amazing and everything it made was really cool.

I think it is a very talented machine. If I could I would buy one! I also liked how it looked, if we had enough time I would have made a load more things. I really enjoyed having it.

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

Class 4 at Quernmore 3D print leaves

In The Classroom

This project was based on the Design & Make a 3D Printed Snowflakes Project, you can learn more about this project and download a comprehensive Teacher Guide on the project resources page.

Making a seasonal display using student designs is great way of introducing 3D printing. Students can produce small simple stylised designs of leaves in autumn, snowflakes in winter and flowers in spring and summer. The stylised designs can be produced simply by using black marker on white paper (or black on a white background in 2D drawing software such as Paint, then importing the jpeg straight into Cura, using the settings darker is higher, with the base set at 0mm and the height set at 3 or 4mm. These can be printed quickly, fitting several student designs onto the printer build plate. Finally the prints can hung with clear nylon thread to make a unique class display and when the display is dismantled the students will have their own 3D print to take home.