Saturday June 26th 2019 – Launch Day!

Saturday was the culmination of months of work as makers from around the UK gathered to erect a rocket. A rocket manufactured of hundreds of individual rings in an attempt to enter the Guiness book of world records. Liverpool Makefest is the ultimate showcase of collaboration. Makers from around the UK unite at Liverpool Library each year to showcase all forms of making technology from knitting to, of course, 3D Printing. There were notable exhibitions from more members of our CREATE Family – Lol Baker of Liverpool Fab Lab showcased virtual reality technologies and Carl Simmons of Edge Hill University combined with the Edge Hill Geek Squad to invite makers to code the galaxy of stars.

Makefest itself is the the brain child of CREATE Ambassador, Caroline Keep and a small group of dedicated local makers, with Makefest now in its 5th year it was time to do something special.

To celebrate this milestone, this year the event was the site of an attempt at not one, but two Guinness world records – largest collaborative 3D Print and tallest 3D Print. Makers downloaded the rocket ring design, 3D printed it, and assembled them at the library.
The near 600 ring count contained rings from all over the UK with a small number coming from sites across the globe. Official judging is in November – so fingers and toes crossed!
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