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In our latest careers interview blog, Bradley Humphrey tells us about how the uses 3D printing in his current role and about the career path that has led him into this field.

Bradley currently works as a development engineer in the agricultural industry, for Entocycle.


About Your Education

What subject areas/qualifications did you study for?

I’ve been studying product design for the past 7 years, even when I was in secondary school I knew there was something special about the subject, I really remember being really inspired by a few designers such as Dave Hakken and Emily Cummins and from then the spark stuck. I then proceeded with being educated in the design field, and went on and completed a degree in Design Products at Ravensbourne University for three years and these were possibly the most enjoyable three years of my education, Ravensbourne really pushed me design, create and improve constantly. The lecturers were fantastic and the facilities were amazing.

Did you have to undertake any further training during your career in order to progress into your current role?

The current role did not require much training, the role I have requires me use the skills I acquired through my degree and education.

About Your Career

Tell us a little bit about your career leading up to your current role?

So before my degree ended I was constantly asking for experience within the design sector, and I was lucky to have any replies. But this gave me more incentive to work harder and take opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise be able too. For example, I was given the opportunity via Ravensbourne to go work in China for a month! completely paid for! I was working with manufacturers, designers and students on a project for iCod-D (International Committee of Design) and that was an amazing experience i’ll never forget. I work a lot with my brother who is also a product designer on projects that are really worthwhile and looking to change the way we pay for things. At present i’m working for start-up company called Entocycle.

About Your Current Role

Briefly describe your current role, what do you do?

The role I have at present is a development engineer. I work on the production of larvae (maggots) that are going to made into proteins that will be fed to cattle as a sustainable alternative to fish stock and soy. I investigate the process and see what problems they are having and how I can design to solve the problems and also to constantly improve the process.

What skills do you need for your role?

Have an open mind with working with a startup you’ll be doing many things that you would never expect! CAD skills are needed to design with. Sketching is also a good skill to communicate an idea. Knowledge of material and manufacturing methods is always good. Having a positive attitude to everything that goes on is really key, no one wants to work with someone who is negative.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy the freedom I have with this role, I can come in and completely change a design to make it better! Also, I have always cared about sustainability which all new modern designers should! And being a part of a company that is looking to change a really important part of human life for the better is pretty cool!

Do you have any further career aspirations or plans?

I have many many aspirations, I really want to do as many roles within design and engineering as possible so I can become a complete designer/engineer. I really enjoy designing lighting so I think I will fall back into this if the opportunity arises. Also travelling around the world working with designers from all over is something that I really enjoy doing. Working on cool projects is also a must for me!

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About 3D Printing

What benefits does the use of 3D Printing bring to your role and/or organisation?

3D printing has allowed us to rapidly prototype designs, thus meaning we come to solutions must quicker as we have this technology at our disposal. Also seeing a design work is a really satisfying experience.

How do you feel the future of your industry will benefit from 3D Printing?

Agriculture and 3D printing are quite separate, however when you’re trying to be innovative and trying to change the world design and engineering gets involved as these elements add a new perspective on what can be done, and that has means to change everything. With advancements in 3D printing, all innovative companies that were to improve or create new products or processes should possess this skill.

How can our education system best prepare our young people for job roles of the future in your field?

Always promote the positivity within design, and push the idea of a better future that students will want to be involved in. Mention things that relate to the students, mention their phones how that was designed by a product designer and talk about the apps and how every single one was developed by UX designer. Design is bigger than graphics and product that has to be shown off.


What advice would you offer to students that may be interested in pursuing this career?

Have an open mind to what you are going to enter and get as much experience as possible within that field as that will make you more hireable and a better designer for example. Work hard, enjoy what you do and always consider criticism as constructive.

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Bradley Humphrey for sharing the details of his career with us. You can learn more about Entocycle at: