We love nothing more than to shine the spotlight on those people who’ve really embraced the freedom and creativity that comes with 3D Printing. One such individual is Rick Treweek from South Africa, he is the talented creative mind behind Trobok Toys.


Rick: “With a background in making games, I’ve always drawn weird little creatures that look like they’re from a mystical place, and then made them out of clay. So when 3D Printing came along, it suited me perfectly as I could combine both my digital and real world creations together.‬”


His story with Ultimaker began over a year ago when he released one of his characters ‘Snork’ as a free download. We created a print of it and uploaded it to our blog. When Rick saw the result he contacted us to say he was blown away by the quality – and then promptly got an Ultimaker himself!

“I absolutely love my Ultimaker 2, I’ve had such a great experience. Recently I’ve been playing with BronzeFill Filaments from Colorfabb. I’ve been totally amazed by it as it takes my toys in a completely new direction.”



Rick was behind the very popular Attack The Blok set, which is downloadable for free, that combined organic and non-organic elements into one epic final sculpture. “I liked the idea of monsters within mini cityscape worlds playing out in front of you. I’ve always enjoyed making things that are not known, not human and that come from places we do not know.”


He’s also been involved with the maker movement in South Africa. Based in the Museum Of African Design (MOAD) for half a year, Rick ran workshops from a small print studio until it had to close down due to construction work. But exhibiting his toys at the 2014 Maker Faire Africa, he made some great contacts to help drive his ambition to find a new space to run his workshops and makerspace. As Rick explains, “It was great to meet other 3D Printing enthusiasts within South Africa. There are some amazingly talented people there and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with them. 3D Printing is still very new in Africa and I’m excited about what the movement will bring.”


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