The CREATE Education Project has teamed up with Friends of The Earth to help bring awareness to the “Save The Bees” Campaign. To celebrate our buzzy little friends, we’ve decided to host a competition for anyone to take part in! We want you to design a “thing” that can be used to help the bees, this could be a 3D printed planter to grow bee-friendly herbs and plants, maybe a bee hotel printed for bees to stay in on their travels, or a simple way to give them sugar water to keep them strong! Whatever your idea is we want to see it!

To enter this competition, you simply need to send us your design to the Twitter hashtag #SaveThe3DBees, make sure to get your friends and family to share. We’ll pick the top 3 most Retweeted and Liked designs to be our finalists. We’ll then pick the most practical one to 3D Model and Print right here at CREATE Education. Your designs can be drawings, 3D CAD models, 3D printed or even made from objects in the house, how you design it is simply up to you!

This competition starts on Monday 23rd July and ends August 31st 2018, winners will be announced and contacted after the date!

(p.s all entrants must be signed up to the CREATE Education website CLICK HERE to do so)

Please note: By submitting a design to the competition, the CREATE Education Project may select to publish your design on our website, in order to share good ideas with our community of teachers. Should your idea be published, we will credit yourself and the school and provide you with a copy of the published design.

Any images you supply may be shared on the CREATE Education website, in our resources, on our social media channels and perhaps used for marketing purposes. Please only provide images that you are happy to be used in this way. In any instances where students/children are visible, please ensure that appropriate photo consent has been obtained from parents and that you complete and submit the CREATE Education Photo Consent Form.



Before You Leave
Please consider donating to Friends of The Earth, they do so many amazing things for not just the bees, but for the planet.
Click Here to donate to their page, you’ll even receive a ‘Bee Saver Kit’ with your donation!

(We are no way affiliated with Friends of The Earth, this is simply us bringing light to a great charity!)


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