The UK economy is showing signs of improvement, as the country begins to ease out of lockdowns, job vacancies are starting to re-open, more companies are returning to business. The key question lies in education.

With September and a new term looming: what does teaching look like now?

Some subjects require practical teaching and assessment – for example, engineering, art and design. Educators must be able to integrate technology with their expertise, to foster an interactive and supportive learning environment.
With the importance of iteration throughout the design process, teaching resilience and preparing for the 21st Century workplace, 3D Printing enables students to prototype, test and refine ideas quickly.

But, how does this work remotely?

In today’s blog, we’ll go over solutions for cloud-based management systems from industry-leading technology brands. 

1.   RaiseCloud

This software by Raise3D allows remote slicing and printing through users’ Print Farm. Users can oversee filament consumption, through visual monitoring of prints through a cloud interface.
With the latest RaiseOcto update – users are able to manage all machines, regardless of the brand, on the same platform.
RaiseCloud Lite enables 3D Printing users to instantly have their desktop 3D printers at their fingertips, regardless of where they are.

RaiseCloud Lite is free and can be downloaded here

2.   Ultimaker Digital Factory

The Digital Factory, formerly known as Ultimaker Connect and Ultimaker Cloud, is Ultimaker’s latest software addition – supporting the remote management of Ultimaker 3D Printers and teams.
Schedule print jobs to a centralised queue, organising by priority, and with the built-in camera, you’re able to monitor print progress and status.
For an improved printer connection workflow, users are able to update firmware over a network connection.
It’s easy to start using Ultimaker Digital Factory today. All it takes is a few steps.

  1. Sign in to or set up an Ultimaker account
  2. Upgrade your Ultimaker S3 or S5 firmware to 5.7 or later
  3. Connect your printers using the workflow described above


Get started with Ultimaker Digital Factory 

3.    Dremel Print Cloud

A partnership between DremelDigiLabs and 3DPrinterOS brings wireless printing via the Dremel Print Cloud. Users can connect their Dremel 3D printer, quickly slice files, remotely print files, and easily manage 3D printers across multiple locations with this cloud-based slicing software to connect to your Dremel 3D printer.
The Dremel Print Cloud also has collaborative settings, where users share 3D printers to optimize uptime. 

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