When adopting any new technology, staff training and CPD should always be considered as a priority to maximise your investment in the technology, ensuring speedy uptake and integration of the technology into your organisations curriculum, courses, research, community engagement or outreach work.

The adoption of 3D printing technology will have very specific training requirements within your organisation that will depend upon the experience and skills of your staff. For example technicians will most likely require product technical training whereas teachers will require training in software or curriculum CPD in order to embed the technology into their teaching practice, topics and projects. Further and Higher education organisations will most likely need advanced user training in hardware, software and materials as well as a more thorough understanding of the applications of the different technologies and materials in industry and for research activities.

Wyndham 3D printing lesson with teachers
Learning 3D Printing at Wyndham Primary

What training and CPD is available?

CREATE Education provide a complete range of 3D printing training for all levels of education. Our courses are completely flexible and can be delivered face-to-face on site, at the CREATE HQ in Chorley or remotely via live Zoom sessions (with recordings included). Our courses are half or full day (or multiples if creating a bespoke training package). We can also offer 1-2 hour twilight sessions remotely allowing the half or full day courses to be split into shorter after school sessions.

For Primary schools, we offer 3D printer setup training for FFF 3D printers and 3D scanners. Our Primary CPD courses provide everything you need to get started with 3D printing along with a Primary skills progression and project ideas for the complete curriculum (from Reception to Yr6). We also offer specific training for integrating 3D printing in the Computing curriculum. Our software training covers Tinkercad and other 3D modelling software suitable for Primary students.

For Secondary schools we offer both 3D printer setup training and more advanced technical training (for technicians) for FFF and Resin 3D printers and 3D scanners. Our Secondary CPD courses provide everything you need to get started with 3D printing along with a Secondary skills progression and cross-curricular and STEM project ideas. We also offer specific training for integrating 3D printing in the Design and Technology curriculum. As Autodesk Academic Partners we also offer Autodesk Certified Courses for both Tinkercad and Fusion 360 software as well as offering advanced slicing software training for more experienced users.

For Further and Higher Education Organisations, we offer 3D printer setup training and advanced technical training for our complete product portfolio. We also offer basic and advanced software training for Slicing Software as well as Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified training. In addition to this we can provide applications and materials training can be delivered to staff, students or businesses that you partner with.

How do I know what training package is best for my organisation?

  1. Complete a skills audit with your staff – including any teachers/lecturers and technicians who would be involved in using the 3D printing technology. This will help you to determine what skills you have in your organisation and where the gaps are.
  2. Ask your staff individually to look at the various training options available at https://www.createeducation.com/learn-3d-printing/ and select which course(s) they require – perhaps ranking them in order of importance.
  3. Speak to a CREATE education advisor to discuss your requirements and we will work together with you to put together a package within budget that best meets the needs of your organisation and staff.

Future Proofing your investment

When planning your training requirements – think about the future training needs as well as the current needs. Perhaps put together a 3 year training plan that involves refresher and/or new user training each year and additional/more advanced training to continue to build the skills of your staff.

Use the expertise of your staff to support peer learning within your organisation to further develop the skills within your organisation. Further and Higher Education Organisation will be disseminating the training to their students but should also look at transferring knowledge and skills to staff who have not received direct training and new staff.

To assist schools in this process, CREATE Education also provide a free Certified 3D Educator Program. Completion of a curriculum CPD course awards teachers with the Bronze 3D Educator Award. Following the training, educators are encouraged to develop and run a 3D printing project in school and share the outcomes with CREATE Education to receive a Silver 3D practitioner award. Finally within school teachers should be encouraged to train and mentor two additional members of staff in school and submit evidence to gain their Gold 3D Master Teachers Award. In addition with providing the participating teachers with certification to enhance their CV’s, this also ensures that knowledge and skills gained from the initial training are transferred, so should trained members of staff move on, the knowledge and skills are retained within the organisation.

What do participants say about the CREATE Education Training?

“I just want to say thank you for the training today. My staff have come away with so many positives and can immediately start planning how to use the printer with the children.  It is so refreshing to have staff come away from a course and be so enthused about how they can implement this new learning. Our children are going to love the endless possibilities!
Thank you again for such great service from start to finish.”
Jo Quarry, Headteacher, Ocean Academy.

“Excellent presentations and purposeful content, presented at the right pitch. Very informative and accessible, can easily include 3D printing into current schemes. I enjoyed the practical activity and opportunity to speak with other teachers.”
Claire Nobes, Head of Technology, The Castle School.

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the training that both you and Jess delivered for me, everyone including our external stakeholder (Bentley Motors) have complemented how good and methodical the training that you and Jess delivered was so thank you.”
Mark Parsons, Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Cheshire College South & West.

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