Summer school enrichment programmes offer children ample opportunities to socialise and learn new skills. The highly orchestrated positive environment gives students opportunities to grow personally as well as academically.  

The UK is heading towards a digital skills shortage, with The Learning & Work Institute finding the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE has dropped 40% since 2015. 

Now as many disadvantaged children have been tasked with learning at home as part of COVID-19 lockdown and self-isolation measures, while the shift to online learning offered flexibility for some, a report found that 1 in 5 pupils on free school meals has no access to a computer at home. Pupils’ access to technology has been a large factor impacting the extent to which they can learn effectively at home. Lack of access to technology has been a large barrier.

Before the pandemic, there was a huge issue with the digital divide, but now with pupils having had 2 school years’ worth of learning disrupted, they need a way to catch up. To address this challenge, we need easier access to technology and support for pupils who need it most. As pupils return to school, how this technology is used in the classroom is critical to support learning. It is essential to provide support and guidance on how to use this new technology effectively.

To support schools, CREATE Education is providing access to technology along with complete enrichment programmes to support schools in their summer catch-up plans.

These programmes are designed to allow students to use exciting technologies whilst getting involved in creative hands-on learning projects that help increase motivation and confidence.

A key challenge faced by schools is staffing and the extensive demands placed on teachers and schools over the past year including the challenges faced by public health requirements. These projects include training, video content and comprehensive project delivery guidance allowing them to be delivered by non-specialists with complete support from CREATE Education. They are perfect for Year 7-8 transition, but the projects can be used across upper KS2 and KS3. 

This programme provides valuable access to technology, helping to close the digital divide, whilst equipping students with the key skills they need to succeed in a future career. Schools also get to keep the hardware and project resources allowing them to maximise their investment in the program by utlising it across the school year, for after school clubs, STEM days and in future summer school programmes.

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