Officially the UK’s number 1 electric Formula Student team 2017!


October has arrived which means that TBRe is back and ready for another year of racing! Firstly
though, we wanted to thank you for your incredible support in our 2016/17 season and let you know how
we got on at Silverstone for Formula Student UK 2017.

Thank you CREATE Education

3D printed parts produced on your kindly provided Ultimaker machine were used extensively by
our team not only for prototyping but for jigs and even a few casings and holders that were used as final
parts on the car. Having our own machine allowed us a swift turnaround on these components which
greatly aided our build process. We really just wanted to express a huge thanks for your valued and
continuing support of our team! Have a look at some of the things that we’ve made for fun this year!

Formula Student UK 2017, Silverstone

The team entered both the Class 1 and Class 2 events. Class 1 being to design, build and race
a car and Class 2 is to design a complete car, without the manufacturing.
The Class 2 judging was the first to take place, comprising three events; technical design, cost
and manufacturing plan, and business case. With no previous experience in any of these events, our
team took on the challenge with grit and determination, hoping to prove we could be competitive on our
first attempt. The results came back from each of the areas as 4
thin design, 2nd in cost and manufacturing
and 6th in business, giving the team an extraordinary 2nd place overall. Next year we are hoping to change
that into a 1st place now that we have some practice!

The main event of the weekend, Class 1, started shortly after Class 2. Our main challenge and
focus was to become the first UK team to pass scrutineering, Formula Student’s notoriously difficult
technical testing. After a few attempts some problems were found on the car, with the shutdown system
tripping due to a battery management fault. With everyone’s head’s together the team managed to find a
workaround for the issue and attempt scrutineering again. The team managed to pass the final test, the
brake test, on Sunday morning, making us one of the first UK electric teams to ever pass scrutineering.

With the car passed scrutineering, it was possible to compete in the dynamic events which
include the endurance race, a 22-lap time trial race. After completing 4 laps, a reliability fault meant the
car was forced to retire. However, with the team outperforming all other UK electric teams in most of
the Class 1 events, TBRe became the UK’s number one electric Formula Student team!

Goodbye and Hello

Each summer we have to say goodbye to our final year engineers and welcome our new team.
We hope you enjoyed working with TBRe17 and are as excited to join TBRe18 on their journey to success as we are.

A message from Lizzy Maclennan, our new project manager

I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to be managing the most successful electric Formula Student
team in the UK. As an Integration Engineer and the incoming Project Manager I am equal parts excited
and daunted with the challenge before us. It’s incredible to have inherited such success from the 2016-
17 team and such a great vehicle for us to use in the development of the next car. We can’t wait to get
stuck in to the project and build further towards our goals.
Placing 2nd overall in Class 2 was a huge confidence boost and we were ecstatic that our designs
and plans were so well received. We will be encouraging students to enter Class 2 this coming year as
we know that it is an excellent starting point for Class 1. We’ve got very high hopes for even better
rankings this year in both classes, as now we’ve at least got one year’s practice!
Our primary aim for the next year is to build a reliable car that passes scrutineering easily and
enters all the dynamic events. Of course, we want to retain our title of top electric FS team in the UK but
we have higher ambitions as well. We hope to compete in more than just Formula Student UK in 2018,
extending our repertoire to other European events and possibly beyond.
None of this would be even remotely possible without our fantastic sponsors. We are so grateful
for all the support we have received from you so far and we look forward to continuing our relationship
with you throughout the next year. We’d love to hear from you and very much hope that you’ll want to be
a part of our team this coming year to. We will be in contact soon to let you know how you can get involved
in the 2017-18 season!

Follow what we’re up to

We always want to make sure that our sponsors have the opportunity to see exactly what we are
up to, as well as seeing how their sponsorship is making the difference. So this year we are pushing to
get even more information onto our media platforms. Here are the details for all our media streams, take
a look to see what we’ve been up to since the start of semester!

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