Budding designers and engineers were keen to get to grips with designing their own parts for their very own 3D Printed kart at Newbridge Learning Community recently.

Following on from our update last month where the pupils at had received their first lesson on the CAD software Fusion 360 provided by Autodesk, we followed their progress closely attending more sessions where the pupils developed their own designs of a back bumper, spoiler, side pods and front bumper. 

Jack designed his own bumper from scratch in just 10 minutes!  Josh designed the side pods starting with a torpedo shape and Bradley designed his with cup holders!  Bradley told me how much he had enjoyed the3DGBIRE Bronze Award training session as he was able to build stuff himself and design new things from scratch. 

They moved onto virtual testing applying  a force for the static stress test.  The level of engagement and enjoyment was high and this group of excited young people were looking forward to seeing their designs realised. 

Once the design files had been split and sized the Ultimaker 2 Extended + was set to work on the rear bumper design and the results were amazing!

Next to print was the front bumper which was designed by Jamie Lee.

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Whilst this was in progress the pupils received some driver training which included them learning all about safety, rules and flag signals ready for their time trials testing day.

A few more days of printing to follow to get all of the parts ready to be assembled and the pupils will be ready to attached the parts to the chassis.  Can’t wait to see the results and watch them all zipping around the track on the test day which is being held at 3 sisters in Wigan…watch this space!

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