If there’s one thing that you realise pretty quickly when you’re involved with 3D printing it’s the fact that there is very much a community feel to what’s going on.

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There are lots of people doing amazing things but, unlike many areas of commerce, everyone is generally willing to share what they are doing.  Those within the CREATE Education Project whether it be at HQ, those in our Hubs, or the CREATE Education Ambassadors, are all definitely a part of that community.

There are some amazing projects that are bringing people together in ways that use 3D printing for the greater good. One example is the e-NABLE organisation and their amazing voluntary work to provide prosthetic hands to the world.  This blog is about a similarly inspirational piece of community work called the InMoov Robots For Good Project that started at the beginning of this year and is now at a critical phase.

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This project is about helping hospitalised children at The School of Great Ormond Street Hospital to take a walk at London Zoo without leaving their hospital room.

It uses a 3D printed open-source robot called InMoov designed by Gael Langevin, and an open source set of wheels designed by Boris Landoni to mount it on. Then, using an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a games controller, the children will be able to guide the robot around the zoo and see what they want to see through it’s eyes.

It’s a simply amazing concept!

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There are a number of organisations in the 3D printing community that have provided voluntary contributions to get the project this far, including Ultimaker, Faberdashery and the project founders Wevolver.

What’s needed now over the next 5-6 weeks are volunteers to help print and assemble the whole thing together to make the concept a reality.  This is a call to our CREATE Education Hubs to get involved to help this fantastic initiative and show what a great part of the 3D printing community we are.

It’s not just 3D printing and assembly that’s needed, the project also needs people who know about Arduino and software. Maybe there’s someone in your school or college that you know could help with that too.


Richard Hulskes and Bram Geenen at Wevolver are the driving forces behind this project based in Somerset House in London, which in itself is an iconic building with a rich history that sits alongside the banks of the Thames near Waterloo Bridge.

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Please consider how you can get involved, if you are still in need of some inspiration to volunteer to help then watch the YouTube video below – it never fails to bring a lump to my throat !

If you believe that you can assist with this exceptional piece of work then please contact Robots For Good team at info@robotsforgood.com

I’ve already volunteered to help the project with my 3D printing and engineering knowledge, I hope this blog will have inspired you to do the same…………

Steve Cox

Education Ambassador

CREATE Education Project

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