As frequent visitors to YouMagine to check out the immense wealth of talent from around the world, we are going to delve deep into their archives to find some of the stand out prints and sometimes more importantly most practical items that the community have come up with, and as you should (hopefully) know by now, these models are available for you to download for FREE and print for yourselves!

So¬†to kick things off…

Number 5 – The Banana Slicer by Huger LPbanana

As a big fan of the banana, especially sliced, this one makes a lot of sense to me to sneak on to the list. This is our practical entry for the month and remember, make sure to use food safe filament! DOWNLOAD

Number 4 РWave 01|02|03|04 by Zampik

As you know (or here is your reminder) Mothers Day is almost here and what better way is there to show your mums you love them with something you actually made (printed) yourself! Zampik has designed a very nice set of unique vases that those flowers would look great in. DOWNLOAD

Number 3 РLife Size Thor Hammer by ChaosCoreTech
Thor Hammer

Comic book and movie fans, here is Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir! The detail on the whole print¬†is absolutely top notch. This model¬†is in 5 easy to print parts¬†and¬†ChaosCoreTech gives you all the instructions you need to get it looking just like his.¬†DOWNLOAD


Number 2 РWonky Chest of Drawers by francfalco

We’ve featured this one¬†on our twitter page and we’ve also printed this out¬†ourselves as its really something great to show off. The drawers are inspired from the Dr. Seuss books and drawings and franfalco has really nailed the look!¬†DOWNLOAD


Number 1 РRaptor Reloaded by e-NABLE1
Raptor Reloaded

We honestly couldn’t let anything else be number 1¬†for our first top 5 prints. This open source design is probably one of the most amazing things i have ever seen come from a 3D printer. The sheer¬†scope of the project and joy¬†it has given to so many people around the world is nothing short of impressive. Read about their work here¬†and if you want to have a go at making one of these for yourself click the link and follow the instructions.¬†DOWNLOAD

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