It’s that time of the month where we head over to¬†YouMagine to highlight some of the stand out models/prints and a few fun things we have come across this month,¬†and as always you can download these and give them a try for yourself! Remember, sharing is caring!

Number 5 РFull Sized Nefertiti in sections by RichRap


This version of the Nefertiti model is split up into sections to essentially make up a full size model which looks absolutely stunning. Check out his blog which gives you printing and finishing tips and he also has a video. DOWNLOAD

Number 4 РUltimaker Wallet by XYZWorkshop


This one will take a bit of tweaking to get it right but being able to print your own wallet is pretty amazing, XYZ Workshop have made up quite a few models using flexible material which show what you can do with the bendy stuff. All the instructions are available and as always help is at hand in the comments section from the fantastic youmagine community. DOWNLOAD

Number 3 РRecorder (Instrument) by Cymon


Where¬†there’s a will there’s a way, and being able to print out a musical instrument that works shows that anything is possible. Cymon, with the help of the YouMagine community has given everyone the chance to blast out hot cross buns just in time for easter! DOWNLOAD

Number 2 РSoma Puzzle by blecheimer

Soma Puzzle

Everyone loves a good puzzle, and puzzles are a really good way of developing a childs cognitive abilities. Help to enhance fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition and memory with the soma puzzle! DOWNLOAD

Number 1 РCarrot Container by faberdasher


For this months number 1 spot it had to be something Easter related. I remember going on easter egg hunts as a kid in the garden and at school were so much fun, so i thought these carrot containers were a great idea! Faberdasher did a great job designing these so head over to the link and give them a DOWNLOAD

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