5 Years ago, Steve Cox left his former job at Jaguar (and more latterly Land Rover) where he worked for over 30 years! Since leaving Steve has brought so much to the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing world! It started with adventures in 3D printing, but broadened out into what he now knows to be “The Future of Making Things” and Industry 4.0. We are so happy to have him as one of our CREATE Ambassadors too! Below are some lovely words from the man himself, so make sure you follow him on his social media to keep up to date with his amazing work!

steve cox

1) “Nature To Wearable” with 3D Technology

In this resource, Steve takes us through the process of turning a real life “Natural” object and converting into something that can be 3D Printed, to make some beautiful jewlery (It really brings out your eyes!)

“Nature To Wearable” with 3D Technology

2) Elephant Clip by Steve Cox

The Elephant clip is a custom design developed for a wheelchair user who was struggling with somewhere to put her waterbottle. Steve designed and printed this clip which snaps onto the arm of the wheelchair with a hook to hang the water bottle from.

Elephant Clip by Steve Cox

3) Guest Careers Blog from Steve Cox

In this careers interview blog, CREATE Ambassador Steve Cox tells us about how he uses 3D printing in his current role and about the career path that has led him into this field.

Guest Careers Blog from Steve Cox 3D Printing Consultant and Trainer

4) Making 3D Models From JPEGs

Think you need to be able to use 3D CAD software to produce your own 3D models? With the award-winning open-source Cura slicing software by Ultimaker then think again. The software can make 3D models from good old 2D .JPEG or .BMP files.

Imagine it (In 2D) Make It (In 3D) – Making 3D Models From JPEGs

5) Getting Rid of Support Structures & Reducing 3D Print Time

If it’s one thing that 3D Printing struggles with it’s overhangs, where there’s nothing underneath to print onto. The regular answer to this is to click the “Create Support” button in your slicing software. In this tutorial, Steve will show you how to use the “support” option in Ultimaker’s Cura slicing software!

Getting Rid of Support Structures & Reducing 3D Print Time

We want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to Steve Cox for contribution to not only CREATE Education, but to the 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing community!

Here’s to another 5 more years!

Best Wishes, The CREATE Education staff

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