Jamie-Lee Wainman, is a new graduate from the Manchester School of Art. Over the past year, she has been using the Ultimaker printers at Print City MMU alongside CREATE Ambassador and course tutor Ed Keefe to create her third-year project. Jamie-Lee’s practice focuses on making education more accessible for young people and in this guest blog Jamie-Lee shares details of her ToBes creative and playful therapy tools.

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I am a designer, facilitator, and educator. Within my practice, I aim to make learning experiences more inclusive for different minds, using playful and creative thinking as a vehicle. As a woman with two learning disabilities, I feel that my experience within education was not accommodating for how my brain is wired. Therefore, I want to encourage playful and creative thinking for young people, to provide opportunities and permission to explore alternative ways of learning. Utilising play and creativity as a tool as opposed to focusing on an outcome.

I have designed a series of 12 playful tools called ToBes, they are to be used within workshops as facilitators for learning. My workshops encourage young people to explore their creativity and creative dialog. I aim to educate participants on the benefits of creative and playful learning as well as its application within daily activities. I continue to explore other applications for ToBes such as the use of therapy tools, play instigators, team building exercises, and collaborating with educators to create learning resources for academic subjects. ToBes have both build and chain design features, meaning the user can adapt structures quickly and easily, forming solid and fluid forms. I aim to relieve the pressure of producing a refined outcome and encourage participants to develop creative metaphors.

See the ToBes being used in the video below.

I have 3D printed my tools using recycled PLA plastics, I have chosen to use PLA as it is user safe and is biodegradable under specific conditions. The environmental impact and sustainability of my design is important to me as a practitioner. Therefore, 3D printing as a manufacturing process allows me to produce my tools to support a circular economy. ToBes also come in a compact carboard box suitable for letterbox posting, making the sets easier to distribute for online workshops.

3d printing, creative, playful, therapy, tools

I want to thank CREATE Education for providing the resources to allow me to create my project with Print City during such a difficult year within education. I hope to continue creating ToBes to reach as many young people as I can.

We would like to thank Jamie-Lee for sharing her ToBes story with us and are lookikng forward to seeing how this product develops in the future, you can learn more about ToBes on Jamie-Lee’s Degree Show Page.

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