“All went really well over the weekend when we hosted our Digital Wibble Wobble Olympic Games as part of the Craft Council’s Make:Shift:Do event, using the Ultimaker to print out the children’s medals they had designed.” – Tom Appleby

As part of the Craft Councils annual Make:Shift:Do festival, Crewe Library hosted a special community event – the Wibble Wobble Olympics, supported by the CREATE Education Project with the loan of a 3D printer.

In the Wibble Wobble Olympics, children were invited to programme a Micro:bit into a Fitbit, which would count their steps. They were then tasked with creating a piece of exercise apparatus using recycled material which they would then attach the Fitbit to. They also got the opportunity to design their very own medal in Tinkercad which they could then see being printed on the Ultimaker. The event all ended in a dance-off to see how many steps they could notch on their Fitbit.

Thank you to Tom Appleby for sharing the event details and photos with us. If you have an idea for an educational community project and need to loan a 3D printer for the event, check out our free loan scheme.

CREATE Education 3D Printer Loan Scheme

In order to ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from 3D printing, we offer a fantastic FREE no-obligation loan scheme. If your school is interested in trialling 3D printing, we will support you by providing you with an Ultimaker 3D printer and some filament on loan for a period of up to 4 weeks to allow you complete the project and do all the 3D printing you require with the students in school.

All we ask in return is that at the end of your loan period you share your experiences, project ideas and any classroom resources you use with the CREATE Education Project to help others in the community. Learn more and take a look at some of the projects others have run whilst benefiting from a loan printer:

We hope everyone had fun at Wibble Wobble, so until next time, take care!

SHIFT – http://www.shift-digital.co.uk/news/
Crafts Council UK – http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/

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