CREATE Education Project and 3DGBIRE Launch WorldSkills UK First Additive Manufacturing Competition for Post-16 Students and Apprentices in Education and Training


The CREATE Education Project and 3DGBIRE are pleased to announce that they are now partnered with WorldSkills UK to launch a new Additive Manufacturing competition category aimed at Post-16 students in education and training throughout the UK.  This competition will test young people’s 3D Design, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning skills and is sponsored by three of the biggest names in the Additive Manufacturing industry – UltiMaker and Shining 3D

WorldSkill UK 

World Skills are an independent charity that partners with employers, education, and governments to promote international best practice and raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education. WorldSkills UK does this by offering college and university students, as well as those undertaking apprenticeships, the opportunity to participate in competitions based on training and assessments. Teams compete regionally, nationally, and internationally to achieve world-class standards in their chosen skill. 

NEW! Additive Manufacturing Competition 

As this is the first time WorldSkills UK has offered an Additive Manufacturing category, this year’s competition will be run as a demonstration, developing into a full competition cycle in 2024. 

The Additive Manufacturing sector is rapidly growing and is estimated to reach 76 Billion US Dollars by 2030. Yet, industry experts report that nearly three-quarters of them are experiencing internal gaps in skilled labour. Additive Manufacturing, therefore, provides young people with rapidly growing high-quality career opportunities, whether through traditional education routes, Apprenticeships, or industry training programmes. 

Seeing this growth, and the gap in their offering, WorldSkills UK approached CREATE Ambassador and 3DGBIRE employee, Steve Taylor, to develop the Additive Manufacturing competition category from scratch.

3DGBIRE is the UK and Ireland’s professional 3D printing systems provider, helping customers adopt additive manufacturing with their premium 360-degree service. Established in 2015, 3DGBIRE have established themselves as thought leaders in the Additive Manufacturing sector and have longstanding, strong links with world-leading 3D technology manufactures globally. 

The Directors of 3DGBIRE founded the CREATE Education Project to offer specialised 3D technology advice to schools, colleges, universities, and education providers when they saw the skills gap emerging. The CREATE Education Project supports educators in bringing Additive manufacturing technologies to young people, giving them industry skills to succeed.

The CREATE Education Project sells 3D printers to education organisations and supports educators through training, workshops, resources, and free lifetime technical support.

Get Involved! 

The WorldSkills UK Additive Manufacturing competition will see Post-16 learners use specialist industry-standard software and hardware to design, reverse engineer, develop, and create products using Autodesk Fusion 360, FDM 3D Printing Technology, and 3D Scanning. This will allow them to develop solutions to engineering and manufacturing problems by recreating, redesigning, and rethinking how products are designed and manufactured.

The 2023 demonstration competition cycle will align closely with the WorldSkills UK cycle and will start with a launch webinar on the 22nd of February, 2023 at 4 pm. 

To learn more about the World SkillsUK Additive Manufacturing competition for Post-16 learners, head to CREATE Education and their dedicated landing page today!