Year 6 at Brookmead School entered a competition and won a 3D printer.  On Tuesday 13th June part of the prize was that Brookmead School won a chance for some people from Ultimaker and CREATE Education in Manchester to come and teach us about 3D printers.  We made the 3D printed models for the PGL centre we designed to win the competition earlier in the year. We went on 3D slash to create our models, then we saved them as an STL file (otherwise the printer wouldn’t recognise it).  As well as making our own things we saw some other creations: a castle; a shark; a boat; and even an artificial hand.

All of us really enjoyed having the people come in and help us.  They even taught us how to use  a new software called Beetle Blocks, which we used to made mandalas.

For Beetle Blocks we used commands -like Scratch- to have a play with and to get used to it then we used it to make our own 3D-printed mandala.  It was quite tricky to get all the right coding, but after a bit of time all of us achieved a beautiful mandala each one was one of a kind. Some people made extraordinary designs; William made a 3D mandala and Bethany made a water slide.

Here are some quotes about the day:

  • We have learnt to print and make things on Beetle Blocks.
  • We enjoyed learning about 3D printers and how they work.

Even the teachers learnt something; Miss Shelmerdine found out how to print more than one thing at a time.  So all in all we had a very good day.

Blog written by Noah, Pip, Harvey and Nicole​, Year 6, Brookmead School

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank the Year 6 Students at Brookmead School for writing this blog about their Ultimaker Pioneer training day and sharing their 3D printed PGL obstacle and Mandala designs with us.

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