A group of Year 5 pupils at Wyndham Primary Academy recently completed a new STEM project developed by Morethan3D and CREATE Education. The project was run as an after school STEM club for ten weeks. Students were provided with modular 3D printed Starship models (designed by An Duong from MoreThan3D) and were set a challenge to successfully Land the Starship by designing and 3D printing parts to assist the starship in rotating to the upright position and landing without breaking up when dropped from a height.

Pupils at Wyndham Primary Land Starship - challenge sheet
investigating 3D prints

Students worked in teams to complete the challenge and organised themselves into team roles of Project Manager, Chief Engineer, Testing Manager and Communications Manager. Over the course of the project they were tasked with developing, prototyping (through junk modelling and 3D printing), testing, evaluating and refining their ideas.

We joined the students in their final session to see how they got on.

CREATE Education and Morethan3D would like to thank the pupils and teachers at Wyndham Primary Academy for sharing their successes with us.

CREATE Education is committed to supporting all sectors of education in getting 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies into the classroom.  This is why we offer free webinars, free resources, a low cost printer loan scheme and free lifetime support on any 3D printer, 3D scannner or Mayku FormBox that is purchased from us. We also stock a wide range of high quality filaments and resins. All of our machines and filaments have been tested by our team of additive manufacturing experts. Our team are made up of a high proportion of ex-teachers, so we can give credible advice with real life classroom experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Primary STEM workshops or would like to learn more about how 3D printing can be used to enhance the Primary STEM and Design and Technology curriculum. We offer CPD for staff, bespoke to your needs and your school.

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