Alexis Dabee Saltmarsh

Alexis Dabee Saltmarsh

Alexis started her teaching profession as a Secondary Design and Technology teacher in the south of England. She later moved to Florence in Italy to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to primary students and successfully completed a TEFL course. She returned to the UK to continue teaching Design and Technology in schools across South Wales before recently becoming a lecturer in Further Education.

Early in Alexis’ career she started working with SEN and ALN learners in secondary schools to support learners with practical activities such as traditional manufacturing skills in carpentry, bricklaying, basic mechanics and traditional engineering. Alexis is keen to support all learners within the education sector resulting in her completing a diploma in special educational needs.  Alexis has taught Product Design and Engineering throughout the secondary sector before becoming a lecturer in motorsport, aeronautical and composite engineering in Further Education. Alexis believes that we are experiencing a new generation of students who will develop a unique skillset with knowledge surrounding additive manufacturing in schools and colleges across the UK to support industry 4.0.

During her first ten years of teaching Alexis was able to teach product design and engineering using traditional methods and hand skills. As CAD / CAM was slowly introduced into schools Alexis developed her skillset by expanding out to utilise new software for 3D modelling. She gained experience with CAD software such as 2D Design, ProDesktop, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Inventor Pro and Fusion 360. She has supported and encouraged her learners to utilise additive manufacturing into their major projects to enhance skills which will be beneficial for future employment.

Alexis has been involved in some exciting education programmes to promote STEM to girls in schools and encourage women to come and work in engineering sectors; by discussing and showing students how what they have learnt can be applied in a working environment.

Over the last three years she has been lecturing in motorsport, aeronautical and composite engineering. The units she teaches, links to her previous teaching experience in product design and engineering, developing further skills in advanced manufacturing methods and technologies. Recently she received training in MiR, cobot and robotics and programming, as well as obtaining her racing license to race vehicles within the department. She works with composite materials such as carbon fibre and fibreglass to produce models, car and plane parts and carries out composite repair activities with learners.

Based on the latest work on developing design and technology pedagogy; she has witnessed first-hand the importance of implementing up to date and relevant technology within the engineering and design and technology environment. She has encouraged and implemented the use of 3D printers within her job roles to enhance the importance of additive manufacturing, linking this production method to  sustainability.

Alexis has a keen interest in additive manufacturing believing the developments within this field leads to creative thinking, design innovation and engaging experiences for her students. Alexis has worked with and developed curriculum developments within 3D printing over the last decade ranging from desktop printers to large scale industrial printers. Alexis is excited to become an ambassador for CREATE Education to support learners and educators to help their understanding of the continuous technological changes for their future job prospects or to support CPD.