Jamie-Lee Wainman

Jamie-Lee Wainman

CREATE Education Ambassador, Jamie-Lee of Wainman Design, is an interdisciplinary practitioner who uses playful and creative thinking to inspire her work. Her passion for digital technology, specifically 3D printing, helps her to design innovative and engaging experiences.

Jamie-Lee is neurodivergent and aims to use her unique perspective to facilitate learning experiences for different minds – utilising play and creativity as a tool, in addition to producing an outcome.

With her collection of 3D Printers, Jamie-Lee continues to explore how she can use recycled bioplastics to create sustainable work while also teaching CAD/CAM skills via workshops.

Learn about her ToBes Creative Therapy Tools and Jamie-Lee’s Career in 3D Printing or visit Wainman Design to see examples of Jamie-Lee’s other creative work in 3D printing.

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