Cleethorpes Academy provides over 800 pupils between the ages of 11-16 with a learning environment that encourages them to succeed, teaching staff who are committed to develop the potential of each individual student, high quality facilities that promote and enable success, and an environment of which to be proud.

The Academy is a member of a locally based Multi Academy Trust with local knowledge in a growing family of mutually supportive neighbouring Academies. Cleethorpes Academy is an Educational Hub and offers a quality learning environment together with high quality teaching enabling their students to blossom academically and personally.

The Technology Curriculum Area in the school is well organised, forward-thinking and practically based. Students are able to further develop their understanding of a wide range of related industries from hands-on interaction with modern processes and materials. Cleethorpes offers Resistant Materials Technology and Textiles Technology in both Key Stages to all pupils.

The Technology Department at Cleethorpes Academy is one of the best equipped in the country. The school was the very first Educational Hub for Ultimaker 3D printers and currently has six 3D printers in their Computer design suite. The benefits of being a Hub for 3D printing ensures that students have up to date technology and use of industry choice design programs.

The Hub has three fully equipped technology workshops with machines that specialise in plastic, metal and wood work. And three modern textiles rooms with a range of new Textiles facilities including, Computer aided embroidery machines, Sublimation printers and digital sewing machines.

The department allow KS4 pupils to have a choice of Design and Technology GCSE’s specialising in either Textiles or Resistant Materials for Band 5 students. Band 4 and 3 students can chose from the Fashion and Textiles Technical Award or the Materials Technology Technical Award, made up of 2 non exam assessments worth 60% and one 2 hour exam worth 40 % of the overall grade. Students will learn a wide range of both decorative and construction techniques as well as using up to date technologies including the laser cutter, 3D printer and including electronics in their work.

Outside of the classroom, Cleethorpes offer their students the opportunity to further their interest for 3D printing and other digital technologies. The program ‘Young Enterprise’ presents year 10 pupils the chance to create and market a product utilising skills they have learnt in the classroom. The program includes looking at finances, sales, production and advertising and gives students an insight into possible future career paths, such as a pattern cutter, teacher, technician, medical textiles, etc.