Green Lab

Corner of Collett and Keeton's Road
SE16 4EE

Phone: +44 7595 264183




Green Lab’s vision is to radically change the way their food is produced and consumed, to catalyse new sustainable food systems that balance health and nutritional outcomes with ecological principles that has people and the planet at its heart.

Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem for individuals and organisations to design sustainable solutions to complex urban food, water and waste challenges. Encouraging creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play, it incubates ideas that make food systems more productive and resilient, and that can put more natural and healthy food on their tables.

Green Lab take the best from permaculture thinking, from small scale production, from experimentation, and from science and technology and design productive food systems that make the world a better place. Green Lab believe in experimentation and play; Green Lab believe in challenging what people do today; Green Lab believe that Green Lab can design away their problems; Green Lab believe in building human-scale systems.

Green Lab have built a workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration and they are filling it with food entrepreneurs and thinkers that want to build better systems. Green Lab focus on insects, algae, hydroponics, aquaculture and fungi.


Things Green Lab do

  • GREEN LAB RESIDENCY – Green Lab offer affordable lab space and workspace to incubate early Agritech and sustainable food-based initiatives and startups. Their residencies provide access to the Green Lab, the facilities, their community and investment network. It’s a place to develop their proof of concept, or scale an idea into a working model using the facilities of Green Lab.
  • Event hire – They have a very vibrant event space with adjoining kitchen for hire to host events for start-ups.
  • Events & workshops – They also run a series of workshops and events for you to get involved in – catering for children from KS2, student and adult learning. Whether you want to learn a vocational skill or just be a part of the conversation.
  • Research – Green Lab have a fully equipped bio-lab for research and experiments.

Their cultural programme offers a mixture of free events and affordable workshops, Green Lab hope to encourage everyone to come into the space and be a part of the Green Lab community.