Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

South Kensington Campus,

Phone: 020 7589 5111




Established in 2014, the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH) has helped transform the ideation and prototyping landscape for students and staff at the Imperial College. Every individual at Imperial College is an automatic member of ICAH and the membership is drawn from all of the College’s faculties i.e. Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine and the Business School.

ICAH are involved with commercial organisations – from micro-companies ams SMEs, to
OEMs and the local communities, creating valuable opportunities for the Hackspace users.

ICAH’s mission is to build a community of like-minded makers and experimenters. Made up from a diverse set of user groups – students, staff, Hackers-in- Residence and the Hackspace Fellows themselves – the community support, respect and inspire each other at every opportunity.

Imperial College Advanced Hackspace provides access to a network of facilities across the college campuses in both White City and South Kensington. These include electrical and mechanical engineering workshops, digital fabrication spaces, physical computing workspace, as well as linking machinery with relevant skills in labs across the university.

The Invention Rooms at White City include:

  • 10 Princes Gardensa one-stop centre for Fused-Deposition-Modelling (FDM) printing and laser cutting, beneficial for quickly prototyping small builds and projects.
  • 506 EEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)at 506EEE members can test their hardware electronic prototypes; solder components, design PCBs and laser cut.
  • Skempton 238 a large workshop where members can access powered wood and plastics machinery, ventilated resin room as well as a substantial bench area for working on and assembling projects.

Across the 3 invention rooms there is a wide range of equipment available, including 3D printers (UPMini2, Ultimaker2), Laser Cutter, Milling Machines, FDM printers, Vinyl Cutter, Soldering and electronics station, Air benches and much more.

The Hackspace also offers users the opportunity to get creative in the Lamarr Challenge Room, an ideas space where users can meet up, socialise and share ideas. And the Tesla Electronics and Digital Manufacturing Centre, a space for Fused-Deposition-Modelling (FDM) printing and electronics prototyping and users can undergo inductions in 3D printing, Laser Cutting and other digital technologies.

Imperial College offers the public and industry various ways to get involved with the Hackspace, including:

  • Hackathon – where many people from diverse backgrounds engage in collaborative design, building and solving global challenges.
  • Challenge Wall – challenges are stuck to the challenge wall to then be solved by the Hackspace community.   
  • Hot House – hot desks are utilised by students, academics, start-ups and industry to design, build and share experiences.   
  • Advanced Hackspace & Enterprise Lab  users can build and prototype ideas, whilst learning about business process and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Outreach Makerspace – the Hackspace and Outreach Makerspace are closely linked, with endless opportunities for innovation.   


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