The Imperial College Advanced Hackspace is an Educational Hub and provides access to a network of facilities across the college campuses in White City and South Kensington. The Hub includes electrical and mechanical engineering workshops, digital fabrication spaces, physical computing workspace, as well as linking machinery with relevant skills in labs and Invention Rooms across the university.

Invention Room 10 Princes Gardens is just one of the Educational Hubs located in the White City campus. The Hackspace is open between 10:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday for students to work on projects or to learn how to use digital technology during 3D printing and Laser Cutter induction sessions. The Invention Room is a space for Fused-Deposition-Modelling (FDM) printing and laser cutting based on a first come first use basis, with an extensive range of equipment, including UPMini2, Ultimaker2, VLS2.30 Laser Cutter, Roland SRM-20, Roland Vinyl Cutter, Soldering and an electronics station.

The Hackspace offers pupils the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in both formal and informal settings. The Tesla Electronics and Digital Manufacturing centre is a one-stop centre for Fused-Deposition-Modelling printing and electronics prototyping. The centre run inductions in Laser Cutting and 3D printing using the vast range of equipment including Ultimaker printers.

The Advanced Hackspace is an Educational Hub based in The Imperial College, however doesn’t limit its users to just students, the Hub provides many opportunities for both the public and industry to get involved. From the Hackathon event to the challenge wall and the outreach Makerspace, the Hub provides the chance for members of the community to learn and gain valuable experience in modern fields of technology, such as 3D printing.

With the vast range of facilities and expertise readily available at the Educational Hub, users have designed many complex creations. A team designed an X-ray adapter, using a combination of CAD drawings and 3D printing to prototype different cell designs.


Other exciting projects include:

  • Microfluidics and 3D print technology – exploring resolution limits using commercially available 3D printers for liquid handling at miniaturized scale,
  • The human body and 3D printing
  • Improving the range of unnamed aerial vehicles using additive manufacturing.


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