Lancaster University has risen to become one of Britain’s top universities, with over 12,000 students and 2,500 employees within the Bailrigg campus that is now almost a small town in its own right.  In 2018 Lancaster University’s campus was voted third in the Student Crowd’s Top 20 University Campus Awards and CREATE Education are proud of the relationship with the University where, within its Engineering department, sits the CREATE Hub

Engineering is creativity involving challenge, vision and team working where engineers help build the future furthering the progress of the modern age and contributing significantly to the UK and international economies. The Engineering Department at Lancaster embraces general engineering principles applied through project work enhancing problem-solving skills whilst still allowing the opportunity for creativity.  The state-of-the-art building provides a unique learning experience where highly qualified staff guide students towards new technological horizons and grant exposure to cutting-edge equipment to give a flavour of the progress to come.

Within the Engineering department is the additive manufacturing laboratory in which there are a number of different types of additive manufacturing, including 3D printing, direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and rapid prototyping. Traditional manufacturing techniques can produce a great range of shapes and designs, but additive manufacturing takes production to the next level and the team here continue to push the boundaries of the possible.