Lloyd Griffiths

Lloyd Griffiths

I am currently the Head of Design and Technology at St. Illtyd’s Catholic High School in Cardiff, having taught Product Design in a number of settings within South Wales. I am also an active Design and Technology moderator for an exam board. Prior to teaching, I studied Design and Fine
Art, completing an MA in Fine Art (specialising in sculpture and foundry practices). Having practiced as an Artist, I then trained as a Design and Technology teacher undertaking the PGCE at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

My introduction to 3D printing came with CREATE Education’s loan scheme, when the school was loaned an Ultimaker 2. My interest in 3D printing has grown from this point, seeing a clear benefit to teaching and learning. Over the years I have felt that I and my students have had many successes
that have been supported using 3D printing. The use of the technology has supported learners to generate and quickly critic concept models that have strengthened their final outcomes. 3D printing has enabled learners to create forms with polymers that were once restricted to commercial manufacturing, thus freeing their design ideas and ability to manufacture.

My department has successfully introduced 3D printing in both stages of the curriculum. Whilst Keystage 4 use 3D printing to make components for their independent, younger students undertake CAD lessons using Autodesk then independently design and print cookie cutters. This has been a very promising introduction to 3D printing at key stage 3 which outcomes have been used in Food and Nutrition lessons bringing further relevance to design tasks.


The technology of 3D printing makes higher marking bands accessible for learners. It enables learners to utilise another process of manufacturing their designs. Due to the ease in which the machines operate, learners can independently design on many CAD platforms and print their own ideas.

Lloyd Griffith, DT Teacher at Newport High School