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Makespace is a community workshop in Cambridge for making and fixing things, meeting people, working on projects and sharing skills. There is a wide range of equipment for members to use from lathes to lasercutters, 3D printers to electronics and textiles to jewellery, and space for workshops and events.

Makespace is a dedicated 4000 sq ft workshop and event space containing a flexible main space, machine workshop, events room, kitchen, craft room, and member and storeroom.

Makespace is for anyone! Members include engineers, hobbyists, artists, fashion designers, educators, market traders, entrepreneurs and more. Membership of Makespace costs £40 a month, and gives 24-hour access to the space and all the equipment. Membership is open to individuals aged over 18, and is for a minimum of 3 months. Members must abide by the Makespace rules and attend a New members’ induction before using the equipment.

There is a large and growing variety of equipment and tools at Makespace; some are safe to use, some can be dangerous or are expensive and need training before use. Training is available on all the equipment, provided by experienced members.

The Makespace  consists of three main Maker areas:

  • The Workshop- Band Saw, Belt and Disc Sander, Circular Saw, CNC Model Mill, CNC Router, Drill Presses, Grinder, Hand-held Plunge Router, Lathe, Mill, Mitre Saw, Power Tools, Scroll Saw, Tool Box, Woodworking Lathe.
  • The Space- 3D Printers, Electronics Workbenches, Metalwork Bench, Drill, Kiln, Laser Cutters, Vacuum Former, Chromebooks, Projector, Screenprinting, EggBot, Batteries.
  • Craft Area- Vinyl Cutter, cutting tables, Sewing Machine, TShirt press, Software, Knitting Machine, Light Tent, Leather Kit

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